The 5-Day Visibility Challenge!

(AKA breathe easier in front of your video camera)


Go from I’m-so-freaking-scared-to-put-myself-out-there TO I-can’t-wait-to-make-my-next-video.

“Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.”

~ Forbes

You’re sooooo close to SHINING on camera

🎬  Get better on camera even though you’re scared right now

🎬  Use the Jedi Mind Trick that banishes your inner critic

🎬  Use my #1 secret to shining in your videos

🎬  Use my House Party Technique that makes filming your videos fun to film!

🎬  And put yourself out there (even though you’re scared) – in a way that feels aligned for YOU

Kissing your video visibility fears goodbye is super simple with the exact 5 secrets my clients pay hundreds of dollars to get.

All you need to do is take some easy actions in safe and supportive ways.

Watch this video to see what goodies you’re about to experience:

Say a fond farewell to playing it small!


SIMPLE PROCESS – Get and actively implement my recipe for getting comfy on camera. Bam!
HAVE FUN – Videos don’t have to feel like a chore. Learn from firsthand experience what your form of fun + play looks like while you’re on camera.
SPEAK AUTHENTICALLY TO THE CAMERA – Yep, just you and the camera feel more like friends during this challenge.
LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE – The magic ingredient in your videos is YOU. Watch in awe as your personality starts to shine through!

For healers, coaches, intuitives, and creatives who want to show up on camera in a genuine and fun way!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already started making videos, if you tried making one and it went horribly wrong, or if you’ve been hiding from your camera — these video adventures are the perfect fix to your video fears.

Learning my mindset tricks and taking two specific actions are the name of the game. This is your time saver to getting comfy on camera.

Boost your on-camera confidence and your bottom line…

You want to feel comfortable on camera. After all, you’ve spent a lifetime being you! But showing an average (or worse) on-camera presence just ain’t cutting it.
Let’s stop feeling so bad in your videos and get a smile on your face – ‘cause there are connections + money to be made from your unique voice.

Wait until you see the MAGIC happen – for yourself AND your fellow adventurers.

So… Who’s your teacher anyway?

Third-person mode, activated

What Sarah Michelle Brown, real-life filmmaker and Your Virtual Video Director has to say before you get comfy on camera 🎬🥳

“Creating genuine relationships is what video should be about. But if you’re too nervous, scared or intimidated to show up on camera in a relaxed and genuine way, there’s no real relationship – in fact you might just turn off your dream clients.

I’ve seen way too many amazing entrepreneurs struggle with this! That’s why I wanna help you kick your video fears to the curb and start creating those relationships with the magic that only video has.

I hope you see your on-camera confidence grow but most importantly, I hope you can finally start conversations between you and an audience who can’t help but click when they see you post a video.

It’s time to build genuine, loyal connections with your audiences through video!”

Build your on-camera confidence. “SEE” ya on the inside! 🎬 🎉

ALERT: Word on the street is that I’m all about positivity!

(At least that’s what I these brilliant entrepreneurs had to say when they shared their results from going through the visibility challenge…)
“After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.”

~ Forbes

NO time wasted. Just taking action and seeing results.


~ Eva Rawposa

“Stellar changes! I have my first Live Q & A in my course next week, and I’m not afraid!

~ Beverly Courtney,

It was short, fun and was life changing for me!

~ Julie Pearson

“Sarah is a peach so kind and warm and honest.”
~ Mandy Meaghan

“It was casual, empowering, and fun.

It is a great confidence builder.”

~ Shelly Isaacson

It’s a fun way to get over yourself when you want to start doing video.”
~ Gerdi Verwoert
“Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates.”

~ Forbes

Behind-the-Scenes: Visibility Challenge

When you say YES to SHINING on camera:

 Watch 💻
Learn 💡
Adventure 📲
Transform 🪄
… rinse and repeat.

Sarah’s Secret:

I suggest approaching this experience with openness to making video fun 💯.

Join the 5-Day Video Visibility Challenge!


Getting past the FEAR of your CAMERA is an important first step towards making videos your dream clients will LOVE.

And this 5-day challenge walks you through my all-time fave fear busters!

All while having FUN in a SAFE environment.

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