Hey VideoStar!


When it comes to making high end videos that truly communicate your value, you’re:

  • Worried about hiring the wrong pro team.
  • Uncertain how to get started making polished, professional videos.
  • Unclear of how to create a beautiful concept that gets a specific response from your tribe.
  • Scared that you need to be a pro on-camera in order to get started making high end videos.

Making the decision to hire the pros is an important moment in the evolution of your biz. It’s time to ignite your tribe.

You’re ready to invest in hiring the pros to create high impact videos because you:

  • Want to play it BIG.
  • Want to position yourself as THE go-to person in your field.
  • Want to create super professional + beautiful videos for your tribe (they deserve the best!).
  • Don’t want to blend in with every other company in your field.
  • Want to connect with your tribe at a heart level so they want to buy from YOU.
  • Don’t want to spend thousands of hours learning how to become a pro cinematographer, director and editor for your special videos.
  • Want a talented filmmaking team, with decades-worth of experience, creating your customized videos.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

It’s time for you to play it BIG.

Let me introduce you to a beautiful solution…

Beautiful, Brand Videos


Hiring a professional team to create Beautiful, Brand Videos for your biz is an important step towards becoming the go-to person in your field.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, thin or fabulously full-figured, young or a silver fox, your tribe wants to see YOU at your best.

What is a Beautiful, Brand Video?

  • A 2-3 minute, high end, promotional centre-piece video for your biz, that positions you as an expert in your field.
  • Think of it as an extended commercial for your biz that translates the impact your work has on your clients.
  • Customized to speak to your dream customers.
  • They tell a powerful story of the work you do and the transformations you create.
  • These videos are playful, thoughtful, empathetic and moving.
  • They tap into your tribe’s fears, goals and dreams so they can connect to your brand at a deep level.
  • These videos encourage your tribe to take inspired action (such as buying from you, signing up for your list, following you on social media, becoming a raving fan, etc).
  • They are uplifting experiences designed to help your customer feel understood.
  • Designed to highlight your on-camera strengths and diminish your on-camera weaknesses: We show you at your BEST.


Imagine if you could:


  • Show people what it’s like to work with you, so that they can say YES MORE EASILY.
  • Show off the best parts of you and your biz (hint: increase your know, like and trust factors), so you can make is easy for your tribe to connect.
  • Give your brand the VISIBILITY and star power you deserve so that your biz stands apart from the crowd.
  • ATTRACT the right customers to your website through this empowering form of marketing.
  • Show off your best YOU for your tribe and create RAVING FANS.
  • Instantly give your brand that POLISHED, profesh feeling, so peeps WANT TO BUY FROM YOU.

As much as you invest in me, I invest in YOU



You have your own unique brand of SPECIAL and you deserve to be in the SPOTLIGHT.

As one of my in-person clients, you become a part of my video family.

From my POV, creating videos for YOU actually becomes an investment into what makes YOU tick, what YOUR strengths are, who you SPEAK to and how they need to hear from you.

I’m ALL about helping people to feel something powerful and exciting when they see you on screen; to feel as if they already know you; to feel as though you understand their highest hopes and their biggest fears.




Shall we unleash your brilliance? 

Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation:

“Thank you dearest Sarah! They are  incredible, so well done and such an impactful message… It shook me up just looking at them now.  I can’t seem to say it enough. So much to thank you for and seriously… I started crying when I watched them again. Thank you for such a labour of love!”

~ Myriam Llano, divinerenewal.com

How it works


Making Beautiful, Brand Videos means bringing in some amazing creative artists and technicians to help make your dream a reality (all of which I arrange for you). As soon as you decide that you’re IN, we’ll get the ball rolling!



Custom team

If you think about a movie you’d see in a theatre, it accounts for thousands upon thousands of hours of work, potentially thousands of employees, years of work and more often than not, millions of dollars invested. With my Fabpreneur productions, I take away most of all that stuff. We keep the team to a minimum so that your videos are achievable. My (kick ass) teams generally include:

  • A cinematographer
  • A make-up artist (optional)
  • A wardrobe stylist (optional)
  • An assistant
  • A production coordinator (depends on complexity)
  • a sound person (depends on complexity)
  • And of course… Me (concept, on-camera coach, director, editor)

This is your Dream Team!



My step-by-step process:


This process is super-detailed to make sure that you get a professional, impactful, visionary video.


  • Book a preliminary consultation (30 minutes) to dive into your needs and your level of investment.
  • I send you a budget breakdown.
  • With payment, we get started on the research phase. I ask you to send me ALL sorts of goodies so that I can get a deeper understanding of you, your brand, your biz and your dream clients.
  • I also send you a contract so that you know what to expect.
  • We meet on Skype to chat about scripts and the big picture for your Beautiful, Brand Videos.
  • You write up your first drafts of the scripts with the tips I give you, and I give feedback on those drafts.
  • I begin concept work, and send you three possible ideas for each video, along with visual references. You continue to work on the next draft of the scripts. Then you choose one concept for each video /video series.
  • Set up your travel and accommodations (I have someone who can do this for you if needed. My sister is an ah-mazing travel planner. Let me know if you’d like her services).
  • A couple months before the shoot date, I start my creative talks with the team, book our studio and create what’s called the shot lists (these are the blueprints that I direct from).
  • I put you in touch with our wardrobe lady and make-up artist, so that we’re all on the same page.
  • Your video production team and I dive deep into prepping for your brilliant shoot. (Woo!)
  • If you’re out of town, you fly to lovely Toronto, where we rock your wardrobe fitting and you and I sit down for a yummy and healthy dinner together, to chat in person, ahead of the shoot.
  • We film your premium videos over the planned number of days.
  • We wrap filming and do a happy dance (+ then you fly back home).
  • I roll up my sleeves, slip my director’s hat back on, and dive into editing your epic videos. This is where SERIOUS magic happens. Yahoo!!!
  • The editing process takes up two months, depending on the complexity of the project, and during this time, you get two editing passes for each of your videos.
  • I deliver your final videos via web upload.
  • You celebrate and start sharing your beautiful brand new videos with your tribe!


Phew! You made it.

As you can see, I leave no (video) stone left unturned.  🙂

Your Investment


Get the full power of me and my creative team to create a video that ignites your dream clients and makes them take ACTION.

For one, 2-3 minute Beautiful, Brand Video, prices begin at $6,500 USD (may increase depending on the complexity of your video) .


Get a wardrobe cheat sheet so that you can take the guess work out of dressing for your brand!


Get a secret Pinterest board to help build your video brand. Here you get access to feedback and additions of creative goodies from the team.

You can use brand videos to put your dream clients into their hearts, and position you as their go to person.

Frequently asked questions

What if I want you to create multiple videos?

When you shoot multiple videos, we can do something called “batch” shooting. This means we can shoot several at one go, over a few days. This type of shooting actually helps make your investment work more efficiently for you.


Can I hire a pro wardrobe stylist for my shoot?

You can indeed (I’ve got a few that I can recommend to you). Keep in mind that wardrobe styling can add up quickly, and you’re likely looking at an additional $2000+ to have someone create your looks, make the purchases and/or rentals and style you on the day.


What if I feel super nervous on-camera? Can I still do this?

You sure can! I design my concepts around your specific needs.


Also, you can add a TRAINING course to your cart that gets you COMFY on-camera (so you’re ready for the BIG shoot).

So if you’re suuuuper uncomfortable speaking on-camera, make sure you grab that training.

Also, on set, there are tricks to make sure that you shine!


Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now.


Grab a spot and let’s talk about what you’d like to do with your Beautiful, Brand Videos: