Are Videos Right for YOUR Biz?

Are Videos Right for YOUR Biz?

Hey VideoStar! You’ve seen big-dreaming entrepreneurs from around the world tapping into the power of video. I mean, it’s EVERYWHERE now. And people are building mega-careers from putting themselves out there in this way. But here’s the big Q: Is...

How to Turn Video Lemons into Lemonade

Hey VideoStar! You know how sometimes life lessons have a habit of showing up in our biz? Well today you’re going to learn all about how to turn Video Lemons into Lemonade. We’ve heard the old saying before. And we know that it’s a good idea to sway...
What is YOUR on-camera archetype?

What is YOUR on-camera archetype?

Hey hey hey! Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to your On-Camera Archetype! This is a part of you that you naturally use in life and biz, and guess what? You can take a step to connecting with your tribe and discover your video super power. Yep,...

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