(Didn’t watch the video? #busted)

Well if you want to…

  • SHINE on-camera and become the go-to for your audience
  • CONFIDENTLY create an irresistible homepage video that truly represents you + your biz
  • Use video to create genuine CONNECTIONS with your peeps

… then you need to scroll back up and check that video out before you move on. 🙂


Okay, now imagine this…

Your dream clients arrive at your site, and within TWO minutes they are:

  • WOWED by your genuine personality
  • EXCITED about how you can help them
  • READY to take their first step with you

How does this happen?

Well, your Homepage Video is essentially the FRONT DOOR to your biz.

Your dream clients watch your engaging, professional, empowering homepage video and feel understood + also inspired to start their adventure with you!

And it shows your dream clients how amazing you are to work with, your professionalism, your experience and your personality!


So you may be thinking:

I’m too scared to make videos.
I get soooooo nervous.
I’m too old, young, big, small or BORING to make videos.
It’s intimidating.
It’s overwhelming.

“Why put myself through this AGONY? I’ll just WRITE instead!”


Don’t take my word for why you need to say YES to video.

Here are some ACTUAL stats on why you need to be using video:

  • “The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.”
  • “Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.”
  • “95 percent of consumers retain communicated information through video, while only 10 percent retain information from reading.” ~ Forbes magazine


Video is such a crucial part of building your beautiful biz!


Take my virtual hand 

What I know for sure, is that the majority of entrepreneurs are making videos the WRONG WAY.

I teach you how to approach video from a hands-on, playful, genuine, storytelling perspective.

Instead of feeling like “I HAVE to make videos,” your perspective transforms to “I GET to make videos.”

With my help you can actually:

  • Get comfy on-camera (and have FUN while doing it)
  • Use what you already have (don’t go crazy buying expensive gear)
  • Learn how to tell stories in a way that resonates with your dream clients
  • Outsource the crucial editing piece to someone who KNOWS how to make your videos stand out from the entrepreneurial crowd

It’s time to create a simple, effective and well-structured video “welcome mat.”

A homepage video that will make your dream clients drool. 🙂

Sound good?


Okay, it’s time to……

Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video!

Want to know the 5-step process of this program? Here you go:

  1. Learn how to get more comfy on-camera and to bring out your personality more in your videos
  2. Learn how to create the right kind of homepage video that is perfect for your brand
  3. Then discover simple technology (camera, lighting, sound, backdrop) that make your videos look amazing
  4. Then use the training to film your homepage video


Wait… What???

Yep, I said it…

As the bonus to end all bonuses, I’m EDITING your homepage video!!!!

Did you know:

Entrepreneurs waste countless hours learning how to edit, just to make a video that still doesn’t have the pizzazz of a professionally edited video.

I know it’s a HUGE headache for you.

So I’m taking away that pressure off your shoulders and am editing your footage into something absolutely AMAZING; something that will ignite, uplift and motivate your dream clients.

If you want to see my editing skills in action, check out pretty much EVERY video on ANY of my sites (or this page, lol).

I got skills. 🙂

Double Bam!!!

Here are some more goodies you can expect from this experience:

  • Get FUN 1-minute mini-Video Adventures designed to bring out your personality AND get you feeling comfy on-camera (over 20 mini adventures to choose from, yay!)
  • 3 full weeks of training about homepage video content + creation strategies AND how to make SIMPLE videos
  • Group training sessions with me on Mondays (1pm – 2pm Eastern)
  • Group Q&A sessions with me on Thursdays (3pm – 4pm Eastern)
  • A step-by-step plan for filming YOUR specific homepage video after a one-hour, one-on-one session with me
  • Use what you’ve learned to film your (2-3 minute) homepage video!

So what does all this mean for YOU?

You’re getting an intensive, hands-on group training experience that leads you to have a powerful, 2-3 minute homepage video that speaks to the heart of your dream clients!

Suuuuuuper important:


* Mark this info in your calendar*

The program starts MONDAY APRIL 8, 2019.

Classes will be taught live – Mondays @ 1pm Eastern.

LIVE COACHING with me happen EVERY Thursday through the duration of the program @ 1pm Eastern + 8pm Eastern.

The training portion runs for 3 weeks, and the filming and editing happens in the 3 weeks following that.

Expect the entire process, from start to finish, to last 6 weeks.

Your irresistible homepage video will be ready soooooon.


Hey Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Asia and Europe~

(in case you missed it…)

I may be located in Canada, but you can join in the fun too:

  • The weekly live group coaching calls (1pm + 8pm Eastern) cover ALL the time zones
  • PLUS the live classes AND the coaching calls will be recorded for ya


Did someone say MORE “bonuses”?

When you sign up for the Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video Extravaganza, you get SOME STELLAR PERKS.

Check out these goodies (and ahem, try not to drool all over your computer/phone/tablet):


In case you missed it above, I’m beautifully editing your homepage video, after you film it.

I normally charge $800+ USD to edit short promotional videos (ask my previous clients)!

MAX FINAL LENGTH = 3 minutes

You get a full-resolution version AND a website-ready version.



A one hour, 1:1 session with me at the end of the 3 weeks, to go into the customization details for your homepage video.

Yes, ’tis a group program, but you won’t have to figure out your Awesome Homepage Video plan on your own!

This type of strategy time with me goes for $400+.



This is a safe, private Facebook group where you can test out all my tips ‘n’ tricks for your homepage video while getting the support of your peers.

I’ll also be in there to give you extra guidance, cheer you on and give you direction and clarity.

It’s more than a community. It’s your video family. ($300+)



These group calls are perfect if you’re feeling stuck or need help with anything video and on-camera-related. Valued at $1200.



Get your hands on warm ups that you can use to make sure that you’ve got the perfect filming energy for your dream clients.

Imagine speaking directly to their hearts (and how they’ll thank you for it). Valued at $400



You get access to this program for as long as it’s up and running. As the program grows you get access to all updated content.


ere i 

There is soooo much value in the bonuses alone.


Get a Filmmaker on YOUR Team

When you Create Your Awesome Homepage Video with me, you’re getting a FUN, ACHIEVABLE + EMPOWERING experience.

After nearly two decades in the film and theatre industries as a writer, director + actor, I’ve spent countless hours IN FRONT OF + BEHIND the camera.

And empowering you to make this leap – is literally my biz mission.


My FRESH approach allows you to have REAL-WORLD RESULTS:

  • Make a homepage video you’re proud to share
  • Delight your dream clients through your homepage video
  • Show up in video the way those OTHER entrepreneurs do


This means your FRONT DOOR video on your website confidently invites your dream clients into your world.

And even if this is your first video ever, I got you!


If you want the red carpet treatment, you can upgrade to being a VIP.

Becoming a VIP means two things:


I join you VIRTUALLY (via Zoom) to help you on the ACTUAL FILMING DAY for your homepage video.

You get a real-life filmmaker to direct you, to get you in the filming mood and to help bring out your AMAZING personality for the camera.

I bring my director’s eye to YOUR shoot and make sure your shoot is a SUCCESS and that you get EVERYTHING you need (and more).


You get a fully customized “bumper” for your final video.

What’s a “bumper” you ask?

It’s that super-cool 5-second intro made of graphics, photos and music that goes in front of your final video.

CLICK THE PLAY button on the following video to see what I mean.


But what if you’re suuuuuper scared to be on-camera?


I understand. Your very first video steps can be scary for sure.


Here’s a bit o’ magic for you:

You don’t already have to be comfy on-camera to rock this program.

There are sooooo many tricks that can happen in the edit suite, using other footage and images to cover awkwardness.

It means that you won’t necessarily be SEEN for the entire video, but you’ll be HEARD. There are lots of amazing ways to make it LOOK like you were comfy on-camera.

••• (Go back up and watch my sales video to notice how little you see of me talking on-camera – I did that as an example just for YOU.) •••



If you ARE SCARED to be on-camera, I highly recommend that you become a VIP and get my guidance and direction virtually WHILE you’re filming your irresistible homepage video.

Should YOU go VIP?

Grabbing the VIP upgrade when you have little on-camera experience helps ensure that your homepage video is successful.

Also, like most things in life, you get out of your irresistible homepage video, what you put into it.

For your best results, how can you go wrong having a real-life filmmaker directing you virtually?

I’ll remotely hold your hand and help you get into the RIGHT head space and energy so that you’re speaking straight to the heart of your dream clients.



Your investment: $1997



Upgrade for an additional $1497 USD.


Are you ready to Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video?

“Thank you dearest Sarah! They are  incredible, so well done and such an impactful message… It shook me up just looking at them now.  I can’t seem to say it enough.

So much to thank you for and seriously… I started crying when I watched them again. Thank you for such a labour of love!”

~ Myriam Llano, divinerenewal.com

Food for thought…

Can you afford to NOT Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video?

  • Imagine the FUTURE CLIENTS you inspire (they WANT to be welcomed with open (video) arms)
  • Imagine the MONEY you save (stop buying the wrong tech)
  • Imagine the TIME you gain (goodbye combing the interwebs)
  • Imagine the FRUSTRATION you avoid (so-long “meh” videos)

You can finally put your homepage video out into the world with CONFIDENCE.


Because you’ve got me as your own virtual filmmaker while you learn how to Create an AWESOME Homepage Video your dream clients will LOVE.

Instead of having to painstakingly experiment with videos on your own, simply pick my (video) brain any time during the 5-6 week process (3 weeks for training; 2-3 weeks for filming + editing).

Don’t continue to make videos that don’t speak to the heart of your dream clients, just follow my simple step-by-step strategies.

Don’t put a mediocre video on your biz doorstep, when you can put your particular gifts in the spotlight AND delight your dream clients to make YOU their go-to expert.

Don’t do this all alone, when you can have a community of cheerleaders (myself included), to encourage ALL your (video) baby steps.

Frequently asked Qs

Do I need fancy equipment to do this?

The equipment you use is totally up to you! You can use the tech you’re comfy with (smartphone, tablet, webcam, etc) or you can upgrade your gear with my guidance.

Really, this depends on two factors:

  1. What you’re okay with learning.
  2. And what you want to achieve with the LOOK + PROFESSIONALISM of your video (smartphones, etc, won’t look SUPER PROFESH, but they’ll still look GOOD).

NOTE: I will be recommend some simple lighting and sound additions. Nothing too scary. 🙂

What if I’m ALREADY comfy on-camera?


I hear ya!

This training is not only for absolute beginners, it will also bring out even more of YOUR personality on-camera.

You’re gonna learn FRESH ways for you to truly SHINE in your videos and will get my more ADVANCED tips as needed.



You still do all the practice videos that are in the program. It’s important to keep yourself primed to film your homepage video.

How important is it to Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video?

At the end of the day, that’s up to you. I LOVE how that homepage video can immediately start your relationship with you dream clients.

It’s a beautiful FRONT DOOR that greets them and energetically says, “Here’s how amazing it will be to work with me.”

Some of my fave ‘preneurs have great (and varied) uses of their homepage videos include:

Jane Davenport, who uses a video mid-way on her homepage to invite you into her world.

Word nerd Nikki Elledge Brown uses a small profesh video on her homepage that highlights her podcast and her family.

And the lovely storyteller Marsha Shandur, who has a simple video, filled with her personality that showcases her gift of gab.

And of course, your irresistible homepage video can also be used to promote your opt-in!

(That’s one video I’ll be creating for myself before the end of the year.)


Money back guarantee 

Because I know it can feel scary to sign up for another program and hire a REAL video editor, you’re getting a risk-free, 14-day, 100% money back GUARANTEE:

Dive into the first two weeks of the program and if you don’t see the value it adds to your biz, email the Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video student care team.


Your teacher Sarah Michelle Brown spends hours every day giving feedback during the program, so she only accepts students who are ready to TAKE ACTION towards your video success.

Because of the one-to-one attention you receive in Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video there are two simple conditions to qualify for a refund:

  1. We ask that you post ALL your required homework in the Facebook group
  2. Provide the reason that Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video isn’t a good fit for your biz

You have until April 19, 2019 at 11:59 PM to request a refund as mapped out above.

Okay, it’s decision time.


A quick reminder:

This entire program is yours for $1997 USD.

And don’t forget to grab your VIP status for $1497 more.

Are you ready to Create Your Irresistible Homepage Video?

“Sarah knows how to tease out all of the awkward bits, knows when to encourage, and how to gently push when we need it most (but don’t actually know it yet).

Of course you’ll also learn how to improve video production quality using all of the tips and tricks that only Sarah can teach. If you’re on the fence about signing up right now, stop hesitating. Just say yes!”

~ Cherice D.

“I thought ‘oh man, am I really the kind of person who can be on-camera?’

Sarah meets you right where you’re at, she sees the POTENTIAL in you and she makes you feel like ANYTHING is possible!

She is the Obi-Wan to your Luke or Leia.”

~ Susan O’Connor, susanoconnorwriter.com

“My new approach is one of having fun on camera which makes me feel more comfortable.

Can’t wait to do it for real now!”

~ Esha Davis, trinidadcarnivalpackages.com

“It was casual, empowering, and fun.

It is a great confidence builder.”

~ Shelly Isaacson

“I sat on the fence until the last minute as I wasn’t supposed to be spending money on courses! My confidence has improved markedly.

With each module I have completed I can see my confidence growing. It is a safe and encouraging environment to learn it. Sarah is very generous with her time and feedback.”

~ Sandra Reid, artist

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