Hey VideoStar (in-the-making) ~

When it comes to ANYTHING video, you’re always best served by getting parts of it out to your peeps EARLY for them to have THEIR SAY.

Find out what’s working (and fix what’s not working).

After all, you’re not making videos for yourself, but For. Your. Audience.

🤩 Check out the types of specific feedback Qs you should be asking further down (and swipe ’em for yourself!). hehe

The podcast is “Express Yourself for Big-Dreaming Entrepreneurs”, and it’s a safe space for convos about all things “putting yourself out there”.

Okie, ready??

Have your say BEFORE the full first episode drops later this year.

Okie, have a watch and then lemme know:

  1. What kinds of ideas and/or feelings does the music inspire in you?
  2. What’s working for you and why?
  3. What would you like to see improved upon and why?
  4. How do you feel at the beginning of watching this and how do you feel at the end?
  5. What do you hands-down LOVE about this?
  6. Do you feel inspired to take any kind of action (internally or externally) while watching this?

(Copy & paste those Qs for your own use down the road).

Click that ol’ play button now:

Whad’ya think?

🎉🎉🎉 Lemme know your thoughts + ideas in the comments below – and see how your advice changes the ACTUAL podcast later this year. 🎉🎉

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown
Your Virtual Video Director

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