Sound familiar:

You’ve got LOTS on your plate. You’ve got BIG dreams and goals on the horizon.

You’ve got a world to change.

And VIDEO is an important part of it.

But you start something new, and suddenly, you feel like you’re stuck in a familiar (uncomfortable) place:

The pit of stuck-edness!

And every direction you look, it’s just a wall of slippery sand. How the heck are you gonna climb your way out?

You try leaping up the walls, but the sand just crumbles and you slide back to the bottom of the crater.


Frustration hits, overwhelm takes over, and ERGGHHHHH… you decide to take a seat.

You’re stuck.

Maybe you shouldn’t have tried to tackle this in the first place.

Maybe video (or whatever it is) just. isn’t. your. thing.

Maybe this whole idea of building a bigger life for yourself wasn’t such a good idea.

I mean, who are YOU to Dream Up?

Okay, my friend…

I’ve been there.

Many times.

And here’s the deal:

Digging yourself out of a sandy crater, may seem like a fruitless thing to do.

(ESPECIALLY when it comes to making videos for your biz or tackling ANY new scary thing.)

So how do you move past this obstacle?

It’s simple:

Give yourself PERMISSION to be a BEGINNER.

Think of babies:

We don’t expect them to learn how to run a marathon before they even learn to crawl, right?

Think of the delight they feel when then first start crawling.

The sense of discovery when they stand that first time.

Imagine that feeling of exhilaration they feel when the take those first wobbly steps.

Now take a breath.

What is your equivalent of crawling, standing, walking and running in your biz?

If you’re trying to make videos, and you want to start by running in a (video) marathon… well that will lead to a whole lotta frustration.

But if you start with giving yourself PERMISSION to learn how to CRAWL… think of how WONDERFUL each step will feel (rather than the negativity of failing at running straight out of the gate).

Got it?



If you’re feeling STUCK in your video journey (or in your biz), try giving yourself PERMISSION to be a BEGINNER.

Okay, be sure to leave a comment below, and let me know the last time YOU gave yourself permission to start at square one.

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown
Your Virtual Video Director

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