Yes, that is C3PO hanging from a makeshift necklace. This was part of my Halloween costume last year.

Lol, actually it’s not that much of a costume. I put my hair into buns on the side of my head, and wore horn-rimmed glasses.

I was a “Star Wars nerd”.

IMG_7306Scary Halloween story time:

You’re alone in a room. (dun dun)

There’s a light shining on you. (dun dun)


You start to sweat. You can feel the fear rising in your belly. (dun dun)

You don’t know what to say. You want to scream for help, but there’s no one nearby who can help you.

Then you do it.

You face that monster.

The monster known as “The Record Button”.

You press record, your fears mount, you start sweating and wishing that the pain would end.

Then you end your recording session, feeling like you’ll never be able to get this video thing.

The end (not).


Trick AND Treat!

It’s crazy how scary it can be to face the camera and press record.

Yep, Halloween is all about getting (or giving) free stuff, playing dress up and scaring people, right?

So when it comes to making videos, it’s time to have a little fun!



Here’s one quick trick that I use when I press record:

The Reset:  Pay attention to how you feel while you’re recording. If you’re feeling:

  • terrified
  • wonky
  • like you’re rambling
  • like you’re not being yourself, etc…

Maybe it’s time to take a few minutes to get yourself into a better headspace.

It’s okay to take a break.

That’s right, take a moment to have some fun; to ground yourself. You don’t have to keep torturing yourself.

There is a better way to approach your fears.

IMG_7647When the fear monster starts to take over, stop recording, put on some uplifting music, dance, go for a walk around the block, sing, take a few deep breaths or just be silly in your living room. The key is to get your energy moving so that you can change your mood, and to come back to the camera with a new vitality.

Rinse and repeat.

Do this whenever you’ve got that panicky feeling, or if you’re not being yourself in front of the camera.

We got this!



Grab a free 15-minute Discovery session with me.

Let me meet you where you are. This will be a quick and fun session so that you can tackle one of your video fears and take a step forward in your on-camera adventures.

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Your turn: Leave me a comment below and tell me your fave tricks for getting through your on-camera fears.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

And as always…

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown
Your Virtual Video Director

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