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Get ready to dive into my On-Camera Toolkit Webinar.

I’ve got some major insider secrets for you today to help you shine in the videos for your beautiful biz.

Grab a coffee, a tea, or a healthy smoothie.

Grab a notepad and be sure to write down the info that really speaks to you.

Press play and discover:

  1. The Warm Hug: My favourite tricks for getting comfy on-camera (yes, I’m a natural introvert, believe it or not).
  2. The “It” Factor: The key to your unique on-camera drawing power.
  3. The Director’s Bag o’ Goodies: The secrets about being on-camera (hush hush) that people in the entertainment industry use to allow their unique personalities to shine through.
  4. The Fear Busters: What to do when you’re feeling awkward and afraid when you press record.

Ready to rock this?

Check out the replay below (note – this training is one hour and 19 minutes long, so give yourself the time to really dig in):


Looking for one of the links I mention in the video? Here you go:

The Inner Critic
5 Fun Memorizing tips
The Exact Gear I Use for My Main Videos

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