Make BETTER Videos!

  • You’ve tried making a video or two, but you’re not super-happy with the results
  • You want to make videos that feel more professional and that speak directly to the heart of your dream clients
  • Your videos are simply falling short and you don’t know how to fix ’em

I get it.

Your videos are a POWERFUL opportunity to show who you are (while also empowering your audience to feel connected to you).

But, instead of creating videos that have impact, you’re sittin’ in your room, tired of making average videos.

Wondering if it’s even possible for you to make better videos.

Well, I’m here to tell ya, that it IS possible.

Diagnosing what IS workin’ in your videos is just as important as diagnosing WHAT AIN’T WORKIN’.

 You don’t need to self-diagnose and figure out your next video steps all by your lonesome.

A professional outside eye, with the right expertise:

  • Gets you unstuck FASTER
  • Shows you exactly what your videos need to stand out from the crowd
  • Takes away all the guesswork around the tech you need moving forward

I’ve soooo got you covered.

I’ve been breaking down videos as a filmmaker in the entertainment industry for YEARS, and it’s such a delight to turn that creative eye towards passionate entrepreneurs (just like YOU).

You don’t need to spend countless hours in a (painful) video rut and wondering where you went wrong.

You can start making better videos NOW.


Say hello to the…


Video Breakdown

The Video Breakdown is your golden ticket to bring more personality + professionalism into your videos so that your dream clients recognize YOU as their go-to person.

Your audience will LOVE the extra effort that you put into making sure that the quality of your content matches Your Unique Brilliance.

The BEST way to fix what isn’t working in your videos is to get a professional’s perspective. 

Someone who can quickly see where you’re at and help you create the bridge to where you want to be. 

You may be asking yourself:

  • How do I fix what ain’t workin’ in my videos?
  • How do I  get better on-camera?
  • How do I know what my next video steps are?
  • How do I know which parts of my video process need the most help?

My lil secret:

I always get feedback on my artistic works + biz projects.


Whether from my peers, audiences, newspaper reviews, etc, constructive, helpful feedback is The Key to making better, more effective videos.

The more experienced the person, the better.

With the Video Breakdown, you’re getting an in-depth analysis, custom-designed to your videos, so that you are empowered to create BETTER videos and a stronger connection with your ideal clients.

And the process is suuuuper simple:

We start you with a Deep Dive session with me, so we’re crystal clear about what you want your future videos to achieve.

Then I’ll go away and jump into the video you want my feedback on. I’ll sit with it for about a week, then record and send you a video of ALL my advice on turning your videos into ones your dream clients LOVE.


Imagine this…

You have your very own filmmaker pointing you in the right direction!
Discover what exactly is working (and what isn’t), and what steps you can take to make better videos.
This feedback can include technical solutions / suggestions to help your videos look/sound more profesh, on-camera tips to bring out more of your personality, wardrobe/ styling/ makeup tips, editing secrets, branding tips and content advice.
This is custom designed to your specific needs and chock full of helpful, constructive goodness that you can immediately implement in your next video

Instead of guessing what’s going on in your videos, going at this alone and taking weeks, months or even years to learn what your next video steps should be, make better videos now.

Learn from a filmmaker on a mission

The Video Breakdown is a unique experience because you get feedback from someone who has extensive experience in front of AND behind the camera.

After nearly two decades in the film + theatre industries as a writer, director + actor (and introvert), I’ve LEARNED how to make videos that are EFFECTIVE.

What I know for sure, is that the majority of entrepreneurs are making videos the WRONG WAY.

Teaching you how to approach video from a playful + heartfelt perspective – instead of a dreaded, heart-pounding one – has literally become my biz mission.

And in the Video Breakdown, within a couple short weeks, you’ll learn precisely how YOUR VIDEOS can transform from ‘okay’ or ‘meh’, to exciting, impactful and focused.

Even if you’re extremely disappointed and unhappy with your past videos, I got you!

It’s super easy to get started.

Click below to get my filmmaker’s eyes on ONE of your past videos:

“Sarah was an amazing, insightful mirror. I not only gained insights on better use of my equipment, I also got clear about my voice and my customer. I felt seen and heard and assured that my work has value! She is able to help at any level of readiness! I can’t imagine having done this without her. She has given me confidence and clarity, and I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE MY NEXT VIDEO! I consider Sarah my go-to girl on all things video from this day forward.”

~ Kristin Fritz,

“You’re in for a treat, Sarah is a great coach and will see straight to the heart of things. I worked in film for years and it’s rare to find someone who can gently share the issues while making you feel supported… if anyone else is toying with trying this: do it! Sarah’s ace.”

~ Liz Scully,

“I didn’t have any idea where start. My main goal was structure and script and that’s what Sarah helped with most. Even if it’s only two minutes, structure and flow of the video are crucial. Sarah is so patient and understanding. Plus her compassion, and true nurturing and helping nature allowed me to fully open up and get the best results. Plus the feedback from the group was super! You get to hear everyone’s take aways, things that you don’t even consider, others were able to shine the light on.”

~ Marina K. Villatoro,

“I just had my call with Sarah, and…WOW…. So insightful, so encouraging! I’m a complete novice and even though she is a video pro with years of experience she made me feel great about where I’m at in the process and gave me tips that were just perfect for my level of experience. Whoo hoo, I’m ready to take on the next level of the video beast!”

~ Shana LaFore,

“This lady is not just about how to rock your videos, but much of what she said to me helped me align my purpose, and brought tears to my eyes. (In a moving just-touched-the-ultimate-truth kind of way).”

~ Jennifer Hill,

“Dreams come true! I got to speak with Sarah Michelle Brown this week!! Not only did she direct one of my favourite videos of all time, but she’s now working with people who want video advice. She was warm, encouraging, helpful and she’s very INSPIRING!!!! Check this lady out!!!”

~ Catriona Sturton,

A simple 7-step process

  1. Click on ‘buy’ button (above or below) and grab your Video Breakdown over on ThriveCart. Once you’re all paid up, you’re sent to a calendar, where you choose the time slot that works best for your schedule for your Deep Dive Session
  2. You receive a welcome email from me that includes a link to a lovely Q&A so that I can get to know you and your biz better
  3. Fill it out and send it back my way
  4. Send me the link to your video (don’t worry, I let you know the different ways to get it to me)
  5. We meet for your scheduled 30-minute Deep Dive session so we can dig into what you want your future videos to achieve
  6. I’ll take a week to go through your video with my filmmaker/entrepreneur’s hat on, and send you a recording of my analysis, your video strengths and weaknesses plus your next steps
  7. You start implementing the changes one at a time so that your future videos are more profesh, clear and impactful

I can’t wait to dive in with ya!!!

So, do yourself a (video) favour and let me meet you where you’re at.

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