You’re a big-dreaming, super-motivated entrepreneur and you want to make a bigger impact with your biz by making AMAZING VIDEOS.

The problem is, they take sooooo long to create, they’re not having the impact you’d like. Meh!

Here’s how it goes:

You’ve developed the nerve to start filming videos for your biz, hooray!!


  • Your videos don’t look or feel professional
  • The video editing process is overwhelming and the RESULTS of all your blood, sweat and tears are… UNDERWHELMING!
  • You’re forever running out of content, wondering what the heck to talk about
  • Your dream clients aren’t resonating with your videos in the way that you want them too

You BELIEVE you can make better, amazing videos… but something super important is missing from HOW you’re approaching the whole thing.

You want your videos to have the impact you’ve been dreaming up, but you need guidance with:

  1. Technology
  2. Strategy
  3. And/or content

Your videos need some spicing up with some different flavours so that your dream clients fall in LOVE with them!

You don’t have to play the guessing game or navigate this here video stuff all by your lonesome anymore.

You’ve been making the process of creating videos that speak to your dream clients MUCH harder than it needs to be!

And… You’ve been wasting time

And you know that your time is such a precious commodity!


You’re actually at the stage where getting hands-on help with your videos is The Most Effective Step You Can Take.

Google, guessing and experimentation can only take you so far.

There comes a point when you need an outside eye on what you’re creating, so you can stop wasting your time creating videos that aren’t effective.


  • Get a customized tech, strategy + content training from an actual filmmaker
  • Spending your time on the RIGHT video actions aimed towards maximum impact on your audience
  • Clearly communicate your message through videos that get your dream clients to take ACTION
  • Create videos that can get your audience clicking, sharing, commenting and buying
  • Create SIMPLE, engaging video content that positions YOU as THE EXPERT

You can stop wasting time by trying to figure out all this stuff by yourself.

All you need is the right guidance. 


The Video Buffet is a delicious offering for big-dreaming entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to create better videos while making the MOST out of their time.

It’s designed to help you bust through your tech + content limitations so you can make a video-splash in your industry – one hour at a time.

The Video Buffet is UNIQUE because it allows me to Meet You Where You Are.

Gain CONFIDENCE in your skills + EXCITEMENT to create your next videos.



With each Video Buffet, we dive into ONE specific video issue that has been Holding Your Videos Back.

Imagine if you could treat this session like a sumptuous buffet. It’s time to spice up your videos!

You can choose whatever video dish you want to improve…


Options included in your Video Buffet:

  • Get in-depth FEEDBACK on your previous videos so you learn exactly what to improve and how
  • Get impactful EDITING TIPS based on your needs
  • Create a consistent video STRATEGY that takes you from planning and filming through to editing
  • Develop the unique video STORY + PURPOSE for your biz
  • Get a clear vision of your VIDEO BRAND
  • Get STEP-BY-STEP STRATEGIES for making amazing videos
  • Learn doable technical solutions so your VIDEOS LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL
  • Develop VIDEO SCRIPTS that are clear + engaging
  • Discover how to IGNITE + EXCITE your dream customers through video
  • … and more. What we dive into is up to YOU!

A friendly reminder that we won’t be able to cover ALL those issues in ONE Video Buffet.

So please keep that in mind when deciding what you want to focus on. 🎬💖

“I not only gained insights on better use of my equipment, I also got clear about my voice and my customer. I felt seen and heard and assured that my work has value!”

~ Kristin Fritz,

“Sarah meets you right where you’re at, she sees the POTENTIAL in you and she makes you feel like ANYTHING is possible!

She is the Obi-Wan to your Luke or Leia.”

~ Susan O’Connor,

Make the MOST out of your videos!

Get started now for just $247 USD:


BEFORE your Video Buffet begins:

  • After your order is processed, you’re sent to a “success” page. There you find a link to download and fill in a Personal Video Profile so I know all about your current video concerns, challenges and experiences ahead of the session.
  • Also on your “success” page you find a link to book your awesome session!
  • You then a quick personal email within a few hours of receiving your order (wooo!!)
  • Send me your filled in Personal Video Profile AT LEAST 2 business days ahead of your session


  • This live session will be done via Zoom
  • We go in-depth for your top issue
  • This is a high-impact session, so make sure you arrive ready to roll up your sleeves
  • Come prepared to challenge yourself and to have fun!


  • You receive your bonuses
  • You receive a short survey from me about your experiences (your opinions are gold)

This session is designed to give you fresh and simplified tools so you can make videos that have more impact.

I can already see your dream clients getting to know, like and trust you through your vids.  🙂


And guess what?

Whenever you’re experiencing your next video challenge simply grab another session.

So easy!



By signing up for the Video Buffet, you’ll get these lovely extras:

  1. A customized next steps Action Plan
  2. A recording of this session so you can refer back to it any time!

Cool right?

So the question remains…

We Got This!

That’s all the info I’ve got for you for the Video Buffet.

Ready to start making videos your dream clients will LOVE?

(But of course you are.)