Your Editing Training VIP Day

Learn exactly how to turn your footage into client-attracting videos!

I use your existing footage to give you a fully customized plan to edit ALL your future biz videos.
Confidently edit your videos knowing you’re using the right software AND doing a great job.

(Since you’re ready to scale up your biz, think of the money + time you’ll save by approaching editing the right way!)



“I didn’t know what I didn’t know about the basics of video-editing 🤣. I booked the session because I knew I wanted to be able to deliver better videos for my clients and myself, and that Sarah Michelle knew her stuff…though I didn’t realize the wealth of knowledge I’d walk away with.

Sarah Michelle was thorough (and patient!) in answering my multitude of questions + showing me the sort of magic that can happen with video-editing.

I now have a better idea of tools and tips to start making videos shine (+ a resource to call when it’s time to bring in a professional). Thank you!”

Robin Massey

Online Business Manager

Watch what editing can do for your videos

The single most important reason you need edited videos:

“93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.”
~ Wyzowl


The stats don’t lie.

Video isn’t just the future. It’s the Now.

And effectively edited videos make you stand out from the proverbial crowd!



You’re a big-dreaming entrepreneur and you’re ready for your videos to stand out from the crowd and have more IMPACT…

… But when you think about editing your videos, you’re like: “Ugh, sounds tedious.”

Video editing feels like a CHORE that isn’t worth the (current) results.


Perhaps you’ve been attempting it all by your lonesome:

  • Googling video editing
  • Watching some Youtube videos on it
  • Maybe you’ve even taken a course on it

And ugh:

  • You still aren’t sure if you’re even using the right software
  • And somehow you feel like an idiot in the software you’ve chosen
  • Editing takes FOREVER… grrrrrr you just wanna finish the damn thing 😱
  • And it feels like you’re climbing Editing Mountain only to find another Editing Mountain on the other side

Even worse…

Your edited videos don’t get the response you dream about.


Or maybe…

You’ve been AVOIDING editing your videos:

  • You don’t have the time
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You don’t have videos to edit (currently)
  • You don’t know what application to use
  • You’re intimidated by the technology
  • You HATE it! #TimeSuck

So you’re just posting untouched videos on your site, and on social media, that have not received the biz-changing experience I call “magical editing”.

It’s just you.


To the camera.

No cuts, no music, no magic.

Let’s face it. So far, your video editing results won’t get you where you wanna go.


(And if you HATE video editing, it means you’re doing it wrong. We’re gonna make editing FUN)!

You want your edited videos to have more PERSONALITY + EFFECT so that you know it’s time well spent.

((((( Hugs friend, I got you. )))))

So here’s the thing:

Video Editing Truly Can be Well Worth Your Time.

And the world is moving more and more towards video.
You can get one the train or you can get left behind.

Imagine turning your regular footage into video catnip for your dream clients! 😻😻😻

(All you need is a proven strategic approach and to understand the exact tricks that will make your edited videos sing!)


“There’s a genuine interest in connecting with you, understanding you, your message, your product and how to get that out into the world; the universe [through video], and it ties so perfectly, because isn’t that what we’re all here to do?”

Velma Garnes

Exercise Physiologist & Master Trainer

What If You Could:

  • Transform your original footage into client-attracting magnets
  • Only learn the editing tools YOU need for YOUR COMFORT LEVEL and your goals. You don’t need to know everything!
  • Edit SIMPLE + IMPACTFUL videos that position you as THE GO-TO EXPERT
  • Learn editing tricks that add a special + unique “magic” to your videos so you can stand out from the crowd
  • Allow your new VIDEO BRAND to shine through so that you’re putting your best foot forward every time you hit that “publish” button
  • Clearly edit together your message with CONFIDENCE so that you EXPAND your audience + ATTRACT your dream clients
  • Imagine editing your videos in a way that is UNIQUELY YOURS so your audience knows in their heart that You Are Their Person
It’s time for you to stand out from the crowd and get your audience EXCITED about you and your biz.


Connect with your audience in a way that gets them ignited to take action!


“I not only gained insights on better use of my equipment, I also got clear about my voice and my customer. I felt seen and heard and assured that my work has value!”

Kristin Fritz

Meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, and spiritual mentor

Done right, editing should:

Be time effective.

Transform your footage significantly.

Attract your dream clients to your videos.

Set you apart from the crowd.

Engage your audience longer.

Make you easier to trust + to buy from!

🎬 And position YOU as THE go-to expert in your field.


Meet Your Video Editing VIP Day!

Create edited videos that speak to the heart of your dream client.

THE repeatable strategy you need to to edit with impact, tailored for your specific biz + needs.

Your investment: $1997 USD (or 3 monthly payments of $682)


Videos edited for your specific brand show exactly how amazing you and your work truly are.


“Thank you dearest Sarah! It shook me up just looking at them now.  I can’t seem to say it enough.

So much to thank you for and seriously… I started crying when I watched them again. Thank you for such a labour of love!”

Myriam Llano

Nutritionist and coach

I’m here to hold your editing hands!

Sarah Michelle Brown here~

I’m an award-winning filmmaker, an editor + Your Virtual Video Director who empowers big-dreaming entrepreneurs to stop HIDING from their camera AND start feeling CONFIDENT making videos!

I first learned how to edit videos by sitting in on the editing sessions, and paying close attention to what the editor was doing, for ALL my earliest film projects!

Observing how the pros transformed the footage to make the final video soooo much more powerful, was better than taking a million “generic editing courses”.

I have 20+ years of experience in the film industry and I take those tools and teach entrepreneurs how to make engaging videos in a fun + powerful way so that they can create more visibility, income and have a bigger impact with their work.

I’ve worked with Oscar winners and many other award-winning artists. And now I’m taking my award-winning knowledge and am turning it towards YOUR specific videos.

Kapow! 🎬 🎉

“Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.”

~ Unbounce

Thoughts on working with me

(from some AMAZING entrepreneurs)

If you are planning on using video in any way get your booty over there‼️”

Steph Lagana

Business coach

Check out this client-edited video after she learned my secrets:

A properly edited video transforms your footage and makes the final video feel like magic.

Ya ready? It’s GO time!

Of course you’ll learn how to improve video production quality using all of the tips and tricks that only Sarah can teach. If you’re on the fence about signing up right now, stop hesitating. Just say yes!”

Cherice D.

Coach for struggling learners

What you receive when you become a VIP

The Video Editing VIP Day Includes a 6-hour session with short breaks (for your brain), where we go through your goals and I show you exactly what to do in the editing software to get you there. Plus you get beautiful follow up + feedback. Read below for more details.


Jumpstart Your Video Editing VIP Day:

Right after you say yes to the VIP treatment and sign up, you get a video editing questionnaire via email. This questionnaire lets me know about your previous video editing experiences (good, bad, ugly… or none) so I can meet you exactly where you are. It also helps us get suuuuuper clear on what you’d like to achieve so we can make the most of our time together and ensure that you get the best results for your future videos.


Your VIP Day:

During this 6-hour virtual session we edit YOUR EXISTING FOOTAGE, together, in real time. You see exactly what I’m doing while I’m doing it, so you can easily follow along and implement with me.

We dive into my top Video Editing Secrets that I’ve used time and time again to transform footage into magic. You watch as I show you the beauty that’s possible for your videos.

You get my guidance on the right kinds of music, graphics, and images to use in your videos – so that they’re in line with your brand. Woo!

Using the power of live screen shares, you get exactly the secrets that you need to know for your specific brand, in order to transform your footage into drool-worthy, client-attracting videos.

It’s all about learning the RIGHT skills to create the RIGHT impact.

This will be tailored to your specific goals (time, software, brand, simplicity, etc).

You get a customized strategy so you can edit your videos in a way that feels achievable. This strategy creates edited videos design for maximum impact. When this session ends you actually feel EXCITED to edit your next/first video! You feel like video editing is no longer your foe; it’s now your ally in creating the biz + life of your dreams.

🎬🏆 At the end of the session, you get 3 customized video editing actions to take to set you off on the right path! These actions are designed to be fun and to start getting you RESULTS.


Two weeks of email support after the session + session recording:


And you get your hands on a full video recording of the session so you can easily refer back to it any time.

You won’t need to take copious notes as we go along. The training will be at your fingertips when you need it!

 “92% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI.”
~ Hubspot

💵💵💵 You can spend hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars hiring a decent editor. 💵💵💵


This is the next best thing to having a great video editor right there in the room with you!

Sarah is brilliant with her ability to gently dig deep and help the true you emerge on camera.”

Shelly Isaacson

Style muse and design alchemist

Oh wait, did someone say BONUSES?


By signing up for Your Video Editing VIP Day, you also get these delightful extras:

10 Video Power Placements

Value $297

Now that you’re able to edit your videos, where are the 10 BEST places to put them?

And what order should you prioritize filming + editing your videos?

Join now and get your hands on this hush-hush PDF with the 10 most powerful placements for your edited videos!

Customized Editing Resources

Value $447

Have you ever heard of a video bonus where you get custom resources that help you save Time + Money?

Well, I’m gonna customize this for YOU!

After working together for a day, and I get to learn your specific needs, you get a custom breakdown of the exact tools you need to use to create powerfully edited videos.

Think of the time and money you save!

Animated Backgrounds

Value $347

Receive up to 5 animated backgrounds from this selection (see video) that elevate every video you edit.

Add text, photos, and graphics on top for that professional Wow factor.

Delivered in YOUR brand colours.

Two Weeks of Unlimited Facebook Support

Value $397

Yup, for two weeks after your VIP day, you get unlimited Facebook support from me… in your own private group!

Take these two weeks to implement, experiment + then Send Me The Results. I send you a recording of all my suggestions!

This is an opportunity to find out what’s working + what can be improved. Ask me all the Qs that are coming up for you.

It’s all about strengthening and reinforcing what you’ve just learned. We make sure this process is working for you and make changes as needed. Take. Advantage. Of. These. Two. Weeks.



Take the guess work out of the video editing process and get guidance from a pro.


Join now for $1997 USD (or 3 monthly payments of $682).

It’s time to edit videos that are like catnip to your dream clients

Grab your spot:

Put into perspective, with all my skills, I normally charge $900 to edit ONE 3-minute video.

I created this VIP day so you could take my guidance and:

Save time

Save money

And stand out!

Still on the fence? All good! Read more from my stellar clients

Sarah meets you right where you’re at, she sees the POTENTIAL in you and she makes you feel like ANYTHING is possible!

She is the Obi-Wan to your Luke or Leia.”

Susan O’Connor

Award-winning writer

I can see my confidence growing. It is a safe and encouraging environment to learn it. Sarah is very generous with her time and feedback.”

Sandra Patterson-Reid


Ready to transform your footage into edited videos your dream clients will LOVE?

(But of course you are dahling.)

Still on the fence? All good!

Here’s some of my own editing for you to see:

Here’s my commitment to you:

Video Transformation Guarantee

It’s my promise to you that you will LOVE the secrets you’re getting from me. If you don’t see an immediate change to your videos using my strategies, you get a full refund.

How it works:

Show me your first edited video using my strategy and let me know how it’s not being transformed. And bam, you get your money back. Easy peasy.

Make the most of your time editing.

($1997 USD)


Hurry, click:

“Yes Sarah Michelle, I’m ready!!”

I know that when I snag my Video Editing VIP Day, I’m getting:

A powerful one-on-one 6-hour editing training session (with some short breaks).

A repeatable strategy to give my videos impact.

Guidance on the right kinds of music, graphics, and images to use in my videos – so that they’re in line with my brand.

Sarah Michelle’s secret list of editing resources so I know exactly where to get different types of elements.

A recording of the FULL session that I can refer back to anytime I need.

Choice of 5 animated backgrounds that will be delivered to me in my brand’s colours.

Editing magic can only happen when you learn the secret sauce for your specific brand.

“Wait… what about… ???”

Have a look at some Frequently Asked Qs:

Will this be editing using a phone, tablet, or computer?

This round of the VIP day is strictly for computer-based editing.

Video editing always feels sooooo tedious. Are you really going to change my videos that much?

I understand having the biz “chores”. I’m a BIG fan of making every task I do in my biz and fun and creative as possible. Once you learn my approach to editing, you see it with fresh eyes and feel excited to transform your footage into powerful videos that excited and ignite your audience.


Does my footage need to be professionally shot?

Not at all. As long as you’ve started your video adventures and are at least fairly comfy on camera, you can join. All you need is some unedited footage, shot by you or someone else, and away we go!


What if it’s just shot on my phone or webcam?

That’s A-Okay. Wait until you see what magic can be achieved through the editing process.


What if I wasn’t using a script in my footage? Will this be helpful?

For sure. In fact, you get to see how to use video editing in super creative ways when you don’t have a script AND when you do. #WinWin


How much of the video are you able to edit in the 90-minute session?

When it comes to this process of teaching while editing, it’s actually more about giving you the process of putting impactful videos together, and about how to bring specific magical elements to your future videos. It’s not just about this one. We’ll likely move our way through about 30 seconds of editing time in helpful + inspiring detail.


What if I have a VA who edits my videos? Can she join in on the call?

100% yes. Can’t wait to meet your team!

“83% of video marketers said that videos help to generate leads.”

~ Hubspot

Got more Qs about this training? Send me a line HERE.

Okay, it’s “go” time.


Are you ready to create videos that are like catnip to your dream clients?

(But of course you are dahling.)