Create Your Future, 1 Video at a Time

I work with aspiring world-changing entrepreneurs who want to play it bigger in their biz by making amazing videos.

The only problem is you don’t know how to take your videos to the next level, you need help finally putting your videos out into the world and you need guidance on how to actually USE videos in your biz.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Video Mastermind takes you by the hand and gives you customized training, guidance and support for your next video leaps so you can truly yourself out there and build genuine, loyal connections with your audiences.

    You’re in the right place if…

    • You seriously need accountability to keep your video journey moving forward so you can GET VISIBLE, GROW YOUR BIZ + MAKE THAT SWEET SWEET MOOLAH!!!
    • You have a specific video project that you want to create under my guidance (3-part video series, sales funnel videos, social media videos etc) so that it has the highest possible impact
    • You need help finally Putting Yourself Out There so you can build your following
    • You want your videos to look + feel more profesh so your peeps won’t hesitate on working with you
    • You want to become confident + comfy on-camera so you can create genuine connections with your audience
    • You’re ready to supercharge your videos so your dream clients get ignited and say YES
    • You don’t know how to marry together your videos, biz + personality (fix this disconnect so your biz feels like YOU)
    • If you’re ready to make better videos, and to create a BIGGER impact in the world, then it’s time for you to get the right kind of guidance!


    You truly want to make videos that set you apart



    • Becoming a trusted leader to your audience
    • CONFIDENTLY releasing videos that grow your biz
    • Creating videos that truly ENHANCE your brand


    We got this! And I’m here to hold your hand.

    Try this on for size:

    If you put yourself out there through video, your audience WILL CONNECT with you even more!

    Welcome to the Video Mastermind!

    (It’ll change your video-life)

    Starting Monday April 19 for 12 WEEKS!!), you get ALL the support, community, training and motivation you need to TRULY stand apart from the crowd.

    You get your own personal filmmaker guiding you on the simplest solutions to making videos that feel authentic to you and your biz.

    Imagine a mastermind that is a safe space, a fun adventure and a transformative experience for your video journey…


    IMPORTANT: I’m specifically designing this puppy for those who are ALREADY feeling COMFY on-camera, and are ready to take this video thing up a major notch.



    • A private Masterminders-ONLY Facebook group
    • Weekly 2-hour group Spotlight Sessions for training, feedback + Qs
    • A RECORDING of each of our calls
    • My filmmaker’s vision + direction to ELEVATE YOUR videos
    • Pop up, surprise, one-on-one mini sessions to help you with specific issues
    • Major ACCOUNTABILITY directly from me!

    YOU get to determine what you specifically work on.



    • FINALLY getting COMFY + CONFIDENT on camera!!!
    • Creating your VIDEO SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN that’s designed to ignite your dream clients
    • Creating a 3-part VIDEO SERIES under my guidance from start to finish
    • Becoming a Facebook Live PRO with my mentorship and accountability
    • Creating videos for your WEBSITE (home page, about page, sales page, etc.)
    • Being held ACCOUNTABLE to making EVEN MORE videos
    • Exploring your Video BRANDING
    • Making your videos LOOK EVEN BETTER
    • Getting you ACTIVE + CONSISTENT with your videos on social media
    • Generating 6 months of CONTENT IDEAS for your videos

    … And more!

    Esha had stellar results during the Video Mastermind!

    It’s time for you to step in the video spotlight!

    Join now for $2997 USD.

    What else you can expect from joining:

    Increase your on-camera CONFIDENCE ten fold. Woo!

    Super charge your video Super Powers – hint, they’re already in you!

    Learn how to create videos that stand out (stop selling yourself short).

    Get serious accountability! No one left behind. 🙂

    Go on this adventure with an intimate group of AWESOME heart-centred entrepreneurs.



    The Video Mastermind is like no other video training system because it’s actually a FUN, ACHIEVABLE + EMPOWERING experience.

    After nearly two decades in the film and theatre industries as a writer, director + actor, I’ve spent countless hours IN FRONT OF + BEHIND the camera.

    What I know for sure, is that the majority of entrepreneurs are making videos the WRONG WAY.

    Teaching you how to approach video from a playful + heartfelt perspective – instead of a dreaded, heart-pounding one – literally became my biz mission.

    And this fresh approach empowers you to KNOW that your investment creates results that you can feel proud of.

    In just 12 weeks you’ll transform yourself and your videos from uncertain to unbelievable!




    The work we do together:

    1. Will be from a heart-centred approach
    2. Will challenge your video beliefs
    3. Will bust through your video blocks


    YOU need to:

    1. Bring an open mind
    2. Bring generosity to your fellow adventurers
    3. Bring the willingness to approach your videos from a fresh perspective


    So, if this sounds AMAZING to you, keep scrolling! 

    Cherice created her first ever 3-part video series during the Video Mastermind (and it speaks to the heart of her dream clients).

    “Sarah is brilliant with her ability to gently dig deep and help the true you emerge on camera.

    Before the mastermind group I was on my journey, getting comfortable with just being on camera. I was self conscious, uncertain and scared to death to actually post something for the world to see.

    Now, I am doing live videos regularly and people that know me have commented that I am so ‘me’ in my videos. That was my biggest goal, along with developing strategy around, not only video, but video in my emerging brand.

    ~ Shelly Isaacson,

    Sarah isn’t just helping you with showing your authenticity on video, but she goes so much deeper than that.

    There’s a genuine interest in connecting with you, understanding you, your message, your product and how to get that out into the world; the universe, and it ties so perfectly, because isn’t that what we’re all here to do?”

    ~ Velma Garnes

    Okay VideoStar (in-the-making)…

    It’s decision time.

    Are you ready to SHINE in your VIDEOS + in your COMMUNITY?

    Join now for $2997 USD.

    (Time’s running out!)