• SHINE on-camera so you can clearly communicate your message with confidence and personality.
  • Tell the STORY of you, your audience and your biz in a way that your dream clients LOVE.
  • Learn how to create simple, engaging videos that position you as THE expert.

Videos are about building genuine connections with your audience and increasing your profile.

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You’ve got big dreams but video feels sooooo scary



  • You’re afraid you won’t be interesting in your videos.
  • You’re frustrated and intimidated by the techie stuff.
  • You’re worried about rambling.
  • You feel eeeeek when you press the record button.
  • You’re too scared to put yourself out there.
  • You don’t have the time to take a whole video course or a mastermind.
  • You don’t know where to start.


It’s okay. I know video can feel overwhelming at the beginning.

I’ve got you covered.  🙂

Sarah Michelle Brown, here, and I empower passionate entrepreneurs (like you) to SHINE in their videos!

After nearly two decades in the film and theatre industries as a writer, director + actor, I’ve literally spent tens of thousands of hours – and dollars – learning how to make amazing VIDEOS + SHINE on-camera.

With my help, you can learn how to create AMAZING videos of your own, one HOUR at a time.

Get simple + customized video training from an actual film director.

Sound good?

Okay cool!

Say hi to the Video Power Hour!


Here’s how it works


For one whole hour we dive into the specific video challenges that have been Holding. You. Back.

During this session, you get inspiring, actionable and most importantly, simple solutions!

During your power(ful) hour we’ll dive into your most pressing on-camera/video concerns that can include things like:

  • Getting COMFY on-camera.
  • Bringing out your video “IT FACTOR” – diving into what makes YOU unique.
  • Developing the unique video STORY + PURPOSE for your biz.
  • Brainstorming video CONTENT IDEAS.
  • Getting a clearer vision of your VIDEO BRAND.
  • Discovering STEP-BY-STEP STRATEGIES for making amazing videos.
  • Learning doable technical solutions so your VIDEOS LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL.
  • Getting constructive, helpful FEEDBACK on your previous videos so you can improve.
  • Busting through your on-camera fears so you can SHINE for your audience.
  • Learning how to create your VIDEO SCRIPTS that are clear and exciting.
  • Discovering ways to IGNITE your dream customers through your videos.
  • Learning how to tap into your unique on-camera AUTHENTICITY

… and more. What we dive into is up to YOU!


We won’t be able to cover ALL those things in one Power Hour, so please keep that in mind when deciding what THREE things you need to focus on the MOST.








What to Expect

BEFORE your Video Power Hour begins:

  • You get a Personal Video Profile to fill in,
  • After your order is processed, you’re sent to a “success” page. There you find a link to download and fill in Your Personal Video Profile so I know all about your current video concerns, challenges and experiences ahead of the session.
  • Also on your “success” page you find a link to book your awesome session!
  • I also send you a quick personal email within a few hours of receiving your order (wooo!!).
  • We meet on Skype at your selected time and then you get your learning on!


  • This live session will be done via Skype.
  • We can go in-depth for up to 3 of your top concerns. It will depend on how much time is needed to guide you through the challenges that you’re experiencing.
  • This is a high-impact session, so make sure you arrive ready to roll up your sleeves.
  • Come prepared to challenge yourself and to have fun!


  • You receive your COMPLIMENTARY (and sweeeet) bonuses.
  • You receive a short survey from me about your experiences (your opinions are gold).

This is a quick, high-impact session designed to give you fresh and simplified tools so you can SHINE in your videos.

I can already see your dream clients getting to know, like and trust you through your vids.  🙂

And guess what?

Whenever you’re experiencing your next video challenges, simply grab another session.

So easy!

Ready to rock this?


It’s a GREAT time to snag the Video Power Hour and save a whole 25% off.

Get one session for $247 USD ––> now only $185.25!

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5 sessions for $997 USD ––> now only $747.75!

Now let’s turn your video dreams into action:

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Let’s talk bonuses


By signing up for the Video Power Hour, you’ll get these complimentary extras:

  1. A personalized next steps Action Sheet.
  2. 20-minute follow-up within two months.
  3. You get a recording of this session so you can refer back to it any time!

Cool right?


So the question remains…

Should you take action now?

This Session iS for YOU if:

  • You want high-impact, fast and focused learning.
  • You’re tired of trying to figure out all this stuff by yourself.
  • You’re open and ready to learn something new and step outside your video comfort zone.
  • You want to be comfortable and authentic for your customers.


This Session iS NOT for YOU if:


  • You don’t feel ready to challenge your on-camera challenges (I get it, it can be scary).
  • You don’t want to be vulnerable and open – your video blocks are generally about your visibility fears and I help you work through them.
  • You need to learn everything at once. The step-by-step approach is best for learning how to make amazing videos.


I’ve never made a video before. Is this for me?

This is perfect for you! My approach will give you a safe and exciting place to prep for your first on-camera experience.



I’ve made some videos in the past. Is there anything for me to learn?

For sure! The things that I’ll dive into will likely go much deeper than you’ve gone before in creating your online videos. My director’s eye makes my constructive feedback transformational for people of all levels of experience.


I’m nervous about having my work critiqued. What kind of feedback do you give?

I’ve been on the receiving end of feedback many times over the years, and understand how hard it can be. I give feedback in a way that is compassionate and helpful. I will always approach it in a way that is designed to be constructive.

The goal of feedback is to give you tools and knowledge to make even better vids. You’re in good hands.

“I not only gained insights on better use of my equipment, I also got clear about my voice and my customer. I felt seen and heard and assured that my work has value!”

~ Kristin Fritz,

We Got This!

Ready to start making videos your dream clients will LOVE?

(But of course you are.)

Eeeek... Better grab it soon!








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