You’re a passionate entrepreneur and you want to make a bigger impact with your biz by making AMAZING VIDEOS.

The only problem is, just thinking about making videos FREAKS. YOU. OUT!


Here’s how your (video) story usually unfolds:

You stand in front of your camera.

Heart racing. Th-thump.

And you…

  • Sweat
  • Panic
  • Become speechless
  • Get tongue-tied
  • Become a deer in the headlights
  • Stress out that you’ll say something totally stupid


You wipe the sweat from your brow.



Instead of making a video you’d MUCH rather:

  • Fight a monster and then jump out of a plane
  • Go to the dentist while living in a Zombie apocalypse
  • Do your taxes while standing on a stage naked


You’ve gotta fix this pain NOW…

(So you fake an injury and then talk yourself out of pressing that dreaded record button.)

Phew, saved!



At the beginning of your video journey, it’s EASY to get frustrated and intimidated by the tech stuff.

You might even feel scared of it.


But here’s the thing:

The FEAR of “Being Seen in Front of the Camera” is actually the MAIN THING making you anxious.


Maybe you’re…

  • Critical with how you look or how you sound on video
  • Worried that you won’t be pretty enough, smart enough, interesting enough or young enough
  • Thinking: “WHO WANTS TO WATCH ME?” 


Yep, that’s what your video fear is truly about.


Oh and the tech piece… that’s just the icing on the video cake.

You learn technology AFTER you’ve busted through your fears, not BEFORE.

The truth is, you’re making video MUCH harder than it needs to be


You’re trying to do EVERYTHING all at ONCE + without proper GUIDANCE.

That’s pretty freakin’ scary!



You’ve actually made yourself the hero in the WRONG kind of story.

You feel like you’re in a HORROR story, right?

And you’re scared s*%#less, right?

Really, your video journey could feel like a story of ADVENTURE, UPLIFT and EMPOWERMENT.



  • Clearly communicate your message with CONFIDENCE + PERSONALITY
  • Tell your STORY  in a way that your dream clients LOVE
  • Create SIMPLE, engaging videos that position you as THE EXPERT
  • Get customized video training from an actual film director


You can stop feeling overwhelmed and scared from trying to figure out all this stuff by yourself.

All you need is the right guidance.



The Video Power Hour is for passionate entrepreneurs who are suuuper scared of their video camera but are seriously ready to play it bigger in their biz.

It’s perfect for the ‘preneur who wants to bust through their fears and create a video-splash in their industry – one hour at a time.

The Video Power Hour is UNIQUE because it allows me to Meet You Where You Are.

If you don’t want to post your early attempts in a group program setting, then this is the way to go.

The outer transformation you experience in the Video Power Hour shows up over time in how AMAZING you and your videos look and feel by the end of our time together.

The inner transformation you undergo shows up through your CONFIDENCE + EXCITEMENT to create future videos.



The vibe in the Video Power Hour is all about fun, exploration and transformation.

Learning about making videos with me becomes a biz + life-changing adventure!

I take great pride in the awesomeness of my students.

Even though they’re scared when they first start working with me, they’re also ready to make a difference in the world, AND they won’t let video stop them.


And with each Video Power Hour, we dive into ONE specific video issue that has been Holding You Back.

No long-term commitment to a coaching package or yet another course!


Imagine treating the session as a sumptuous buffet.

You can choose whatever video dish you want to improve…

Options included in your buffet:

  • Improve your on-camera CONFIDENCE so you can stop hiding from your camera
  • Create a consistent video STRATEGY that takes you from planning and filming through to editing
  • Learn how to bust through your video fears so you can SHOW UP for your audience
  • Get more COMFY on-camera
  • Discover what makes YOU unique (+ amazing) on-camera
  • Develop the unique video STORY + PURPOSE for your biz
  • Get a clear vision of your VIDEO BRAND
  • Get STEP-BY-STEP STRATEGIES for making amazing videos
  • Learn doable technical solutions so your VIDEOS LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL
  • Develop VIDEO SCRIPTS that are clear + engaging
  • Discover how to IGNITE + EXCITE your dream customers through video
  • Start creating GENUINE CONNECTIONS with your audience through video

… and more. What we dive into is up to YOU!

A friendly reminder that we won’t be able to cover ALL those issues in ONE Power Hour.

So please keep that in mind when deciding what you want to focus on.


When you sign up for MULTIPLE SESSIONS, you actually go on a deeper journey.

Here’s what the process looks like:

First we transform your fear into a positive form of energy.

Then you learn how to get comfy on-camera.

And you discover how to unleash your personality in your videos.

Next you learn the tech tools to make simple, effective + professional-looking videos.

Celebrate your video transformation!



If you’re worried about getting it “right”, you can breathe a huuuuge sigh of relief.

I’m a firm believer that when things aren’t perfect, they’re MUCH MORE INTERESTING – that’s actually where your gold lies.

With me as your guide, you learn how to embrace your imperfections and uncover your beautiful personality so that you can create RELATABLE, GENUINE and PROFESSIONAL videos.

With my help, you create AMAZING videos of your own, one HOUR at a time.

“I not only gained insights on better use of my equipment, I also got clear about my voice and my customer. I felt seen and heard and assured that my work has value!”

~ Kristin Fritz,


BEFORE your Video Power Hour begins:

  • After your order is processed, you’re sent to a “success” page. There you find a link to download and fill in a Personal Video Profile so I know all about your current video concerns, challenges and experiences ahead of the session.
  • Also on your “success” page you find a link to book your awesome session!
  • You then a quick personal email within a few hours of receiving your order (wooo!!)
  • Send me your filled in Personal Video Profile AT LEAST 2 business days ahead of your session


  • This live session will be done via Skype
  • We can go in-depth for up to 3 of your top concerns. It will depend on how much time is needed to guide you through the challenges that you’re experiencing
  • This is a high-impact session, so make sure you arrive ready to roll up your sleeves
  • Come prepared to challenge yourself and to have fun!


  • You receive your COMPLIMENTARY (and sweeeet) bonuses
  • You receive a short survey from me about your experiences (your opinions are gold)

This is a quick, high-impact session designed to give you fresh and simplified tools so you can SHINE in your videos.

I can already see your dream clients getting to know, like and trust you through your vids.  🙂


And guess what?

Whenever you’re experiencing your next video challenge simply grab another session.

So easy!



By signing up for the Video Power Hour, you’ll get these lovely extras:

  1. A customized next steps Action Plan
  2. A recording of this session so you can refer back to it any time!

Cool right?

So the question remains…


This Session iS for YOU if:

  • You don’t want to post videos in a group setting and want the privacy of working one-on-one.
  • You don’t have the time to take a whole video course or a mastermind.
  • You want high-impact, fast and focused learning.
  • You’re tired of trying to figure out all this stuff by yourself.
  • You’re open and ready to learn something new and step outside your video comfort zone.
  • You want to be comfortable and authentic for your customers.


This Session iS NOT for YOU if:

  • You don’t feel ready to challenge your on-camera challenges (I get it, it can be scary).
  • You don’t want to be vulnerable and open – your video blocks are generally about your visibility fears and I help you work through them.
  • You need to learn everything at once. The step-by-step approach is best for learning how to make amazing videos.



I’ve never made a video before. Is this for me?

This is perfect for you! My approach will give you a safe and exciting place to prep for your first on-camera experience.


I’ve made some videos in the past. Is there anything for me to learn?

For sure! The things that I’ll dive into will likely go much deeper than you’ve gone before in creating your online videos. My director’s eye makes my constructive feedback transformational for people of all levels of experience.


I’m nervous about having my work critiqued. What kind of feedback do you give?

I’ve been on the receiving end of feedback many times over the years, and understand how hard it can be. I give feedback in a way that is compassionate and helpful.

I will always approach it in a way that is designed to be constructive. The goal of feedback is to give you tools and knowledge to make even better vids. You’re in good hands.

We Got This!

That’s all the info I’ve got for you for the Video Power Hour.

Ready to start making videos your dream clients will LOVE?

(But of course you are.)