Your Videos Shouldn’t Turn Your Dream Clients OFF

Want to make videos for your biz but you feel too scared, nervous, intimidated or anxious to get started?

Or maybe you’ve tried making a video or two and… well they sucked ~

A sweaty, heart-racing, awkward, forgetful and overwhelming mixture of baaaad.

Well, if that sounds familiar, it means:

  • You’re making at least one of 5 Video Rookie mistakes
  • You’re likely TURNING OFF your dream clients with your videos
  • Or you’re AVOIDING your camera (and your potential) altogether

It soooooo doesn’t have to be this way. 

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What you’ll learn…


  • It’s time to turn awkward into awesome, so that you feel empowered and excited to make your next video.
  • How to avoid video analysis paralysis and overwhelm
  • The number ONE secret to being comfy + confident on-camera
  • How your good intentions may be keeping you from making amazing videos
  • Who the TRUE villain in your video adventures is
  • The TOP video mistake you can make and what you can do to avoid it!

Your Host

Hello and welcome!

I’m Sarah Michelle Brown and I’m a real-life filmmaker who also works with big-dreaming entrepreneurs (like YOU) who want to play it bigger in their biz by making AMAZING VIDEOS.

But… you feel sooooo awkward on-camera, you don’t know where to start and you’re terrified to put yourself out there.

Heck, just thinking about making videos makes you break out in a sweat and your heart race!

OR… maybe you’re comfy filming videos, but OMG, the TIME it takes to make just ONE video is sooooo overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I teach you how to be CONFIDENT + full of PERSONALITY on-camera, AND how to make amazing, time-effective videos, so that you put yourself out there.

It’s time to build genuine, loyal connections with your audiences through video!

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