The more visible you get with your audience, the more trust you build.

 (If only you weren’t soooooo freakin’ scared of video…)

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Video is becoming more important than ever to GROW your biz.

As more and more people crowd the marketplace, video is the best way to build instant TANGIBLE CONNECTIONS with your potential clients.

The problem is…

You’re suuuuuuuper scared to press that “record” button.


Getting past the FEAR of your CAMERA is an important first step towards making videos your dream clients will LOVE.

And this 5-day challenge walks you through my all-time fave fear busters!

It also includes practical exercises designed to get to the HEART of what’s holding you back on-camera.

All while having FUN in a SAFE environment.

Pretty cool right?

It’s time to bust through your visibility fears so that you can:
  • Build your biz
  • Connect with your dream clients
  • And stand out from the crowd!

You probably watch videos and think:

It’s ALL about the outside. Your shape, size, voice, face, beauty, etc. 

But actually, the key to making GREAT videos, starts from the inside and then works outward. 

Shifting your mindset is the number ONE action you can take at this early stage of your video journey.

Why Video NOW?

Video isn’t just the way of the future

Right NOW real-world results are happening for entrepreneurs all around the world.

Let’s allow Forbes Magazine to do some of the talkin’ here:

“After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.”

“Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

“Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.


So… What’s the Sign Up Process?


  1. After you sign up with your name + email, you’re sent to “success” page, and then you shortly receive an email from me
  2. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE LINK in that first email ⭐️
  3. After you do, you’ll get an invite to our secret Facebook group
  4. A few minutes after you sign up, you get access to Day 1 training!
  5. Watch the first training video (they’re always short)
  6. Dive into the first Sweet Sheet (they’re always REALLY helpful)
  7. Film your first EASY Video Mission (always 1 minute or under)
  8. Post your Video Mission in the secret group – and we cheer wildly for you!!!
  9. Rinse & Repeat for the remaining four days of the challenge

Sound doable? Awesome!


Scary, as in the “I CANNOT POST IN THE GROUP,” kind-of-scary…

Then know this:

I take your visibility seriously. I know EXACTLY how important these first steps are to your video journey.


I know EXACTLY how hard these first steps can be.

I wouldn’t make ya do it if I didn’t see the IMMENSE VALUE out of posting and then getting our POSITIVE-ONLY feedback. 🎬💗⭐️ 

Yep, one of the rules in the Facebook group is ONLY POSITIVE FEEDBACK. No Criticism on your early video adventures!

NO ONE outside the group will be able to see your practice videos. The only people allowed in the group are your fellow Video Newbies, and they’re suuuuper supportive.

It’s literally a place to make mistakes, to learn how to embrace them, and to take the next baby step anyhow.

Getting past this early (+ scary) phase is The. Most. Important. Step.
It’s the BEST way to REACH more people, GROW your biz and EARN more moolah.

It was short, fun and was life changing for me!

~ Julie Pearson

Really loved the 1-minute video requirement and the way you set this up.

NO time wasted. Just taking action and seeing results.


~ Eva Rawposa

It’s a fun way to get over yourself when you want to start doing video.”
~ Gerdi Verwoert

“It was casual, empowering, and fun.

It is a great confidence builder.”

~ Shelly Isaacson

“Stellar changes! I have my first Live Q & A in my course next week, and I’m not afraid!

~ Beverly Courtney,

“Sarah is a peach so kind and warm and honest.”
~ Mandy Meaghan

So… Who’s your teacher anyway?

Hi, I’m Sarah Michelle Brown, and I’m a real-life filmmaker and actor who works with (amazing) big-dreaming entrepreneurs (like YOU) who want to play it bigger in their biz by making AMAZING VIDEOS.

But… you feel sooooo awkward on-camera, you don’t know where to start and you’re TERRIFIED to put yourself out there.

Heck, just thinking about making videos makes you break out in a sweat and your heart race!

It sooooo doesn’t have to be this way.

I teach you how to be CONFIDENT + full of PERSONALITY on-camera, AND how to make amazing, time-effective videos, so that you put yourself out there.

And once you’ve mastered that, you can learn THE REST of the video-making process from yours truly (editing, scripting, wardrobe, lighting… I got you).

It’s time to build genuine, loyal connections with your audiences through video!

Starting with this FREE 5-day challenge.

“SEE” ya on the inside! 🎬 🎉

Okay VideoStar (in-the-making)…

It's your time.








“The Coach and Profit Giveaway” runs from Monday, May 3rd through Friday, May 14th, 2021, ending at midnight EASTERN time.

Join the 5-Day Video Visibility Challenge!


Getting past the FEAR of your CAMERA is an important first step towards making videos your dream clients will LOVE.

And this 5-day challenge walks you through my all-time fave fear busters!

All while having FUN in a SAFE environment.

Pretty cool right? Fill in your info to get started: