I know, I know, we always want to be GREAT.

We don’t want to put anything out there that shows how imperfect (ahem, vulnerable) we are –

Especially in videos!!

What if I told you that your TRUE power lies in your hiccups, in your glitches and in your imperfections?

And more importantly…

What. If. You. Believed. Me?


When I talk about your “imperfections”, please notice the quotation marks.

“Imperfections”, in the world of videos, can be the source of either your greatest PAIN or your greatest TRIUMPHS.

Don’t believe me?

I can’t tell you how many AMAZING entrepreneurs have told me that they’re worried about:

Their accents.
Their wrinkles.
Their size.
Their voice.
Their hair.
Their per-son-ality.

And through my training programs, I’ve taught them to accept that ALL these things are actually what makes them beautiful in my eyes and the eyes of their dream clients (and eventually in their own eyes).

Yep, EVERYONE rejects different parts of what makes them, THEM.

Who. We. Are. matters to our dreamies – Our wrinkles, our size, our personalities, etc., are the very things that draw them in.

Our personal “imperfections” are part of our brands; they’re part of what makes us RELATABLE. And relatability is where your true magic lies.



Today’s video mission:

OWN ONE GLORIOUSLY IMPERFECT part of yourself in the comments section below.


“I’ve felt super-critical of my (fill-in-the-blank). Today I celebrate this glorious imperfection. Yahoooo!”

It may sound a lil woo woo, but trust me, beginning to take ownership of how awesome your “imperfections” are is a KEY STEP to SHINING on-camera.

Dream up,

Sarah Michelle Brown
Your Virtual Video Director

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