You know that video is being used by entrepreneurs all over the world to build businesses, grow lists, gain trust and likeability, and to make more moolah!

But you’re feeling super overwhelmed by the simple act of Pressing Record.

It sooo doesn’t have to be that way. I can help.

As a film director, actor, (and introvert), I know first-hand how frustrating, intimidating and downright scary it can be to get in front of the camera.

As a result of working with me, you gain confidence, relief and a deeper understanding of how to make videos that create a powerful connection with your dream clients. Wooo!


Take a look below and choose which video adventure is the right experience for YOU:

1) Quick video strategies

Lights, Camera, Action is a 90-minute, powerful experience that will give you super-effective video AND on-camera strategies + tools.

Perfect for you if you want to grab the knowledge and work on it by yourself:

2) 3-month video intensive!


Ready to make a serious splash in your industry?

One of the best ways to do this is to create professional, high impact videos with me as your guide.

This is a powerful, one-to-one, 3-month, premiere experience designed to:

  • Help you bust through your video fears so that filming is FUN instead of FEARFUL
  • Empower you to speak to the heart of your dream client so you become their go-to person
  • Learn + implement simple, repeatable filming strategies so that you can create videos that are like cat nip to your dream clients!

From on-camera hand holding, to scripting, to simple tech advice, to getting my creative concepts for your videos… this is the ultimate video experience.

Wanna find out how we can turn your video dream into a beautiful reality?