Your Video Red Carpet Treatment

Stop wasting time creating videos all by yourself.

Get your very own virtual video director in your back pocket and get my tried and true systems for making videos that empower you to stand out from the crowd!
Confidently create videos that get your dreamies taking ACTION.

(Think of the money, energy + time you’ll save by approaching making videos the right way!)

Esha sold 3 high end offers (totalling $18,000) from her first-ever Facebook Live that she prepared for through the Video Mastermind!

You’re ready to make a REAL impact with your biz 

You’ve seen how other entrepreneurs are using video to build their lists, create their courses, sell their offerings and build meaningful connections with their dream clients.

And you want to be able to DO that.


  • The idea of pressing record makes your heart race
  • You kinda suck at making videos (eek!)
  • You have no idea where to start
  • You don’t have the TIME
  • You’re overwhelmed just thinking about the tech
  • You’re stressing about truly putting yourself out there

Sound familiar?

Well, guess what…

You deserve to step into the spotlight in your biz, to make videos that express who you are and to expand your beautiful IMPACT on the world.


Video doesn’t have to feel painful.

It can feel fun, exciting + empowering when learned the right way.

And when YOU feel empowered on camera, your audience feels empowered watching you!


You. Can. Do. This.

First up, consider this:

Making amazing videos is not a TALENT.


And it can be LEARNED.


Imagine making videos and feeling EXCITED about the process so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Igniting your audience so they feel ready to take ACTION.

Imagine feeling confident on camera so that you can express your unique genius to your dream clients. Letting your PERSONALITY shine through in a unique + impactful way so your dreamies know that You Are Their Person!

Imagine creating a GENUINE CONNECTION with your dream clients so they feel seen + heard.

You can create amazing videos.
You can shine through on camera.
You can live out loud.

All you need is the right person to hold your hand through the process.

Well, guess what?

I’m Sarah Michelle Brown, a video coach who empowers big-dreaming entrepreneurs to stop HIDING from their camera AND start feeling CONFIDENT making videos!

I teach them how to make engaging videos in a fun + powerful way so that they can create more visibility, income and have a bigger impact with their work.



Oh… and…

I’m also a real-life:


Film director

AND introvert!

I’ve got YEARS of experience in front of AND behind the camera.

(And I know what it’s like, first hand, to feel completely terrified of video).

Imagine If You Could

  • Bust through your FEAR so you can build the life + biz you’ve been dreaming of for soooo long
  • Create videos that feel PROFESSIONAL + GENUINE in a way that your audience can already FEEL what it’s like to work with you before they click that “buy” button
  • Create SIMPLE, engaging videos that position you as THE GO-TO EXPERT so you can stand out from the crowd
  • Clearly communicate your message with CONFIDENCE on camera so that you EXPAND your audience + ATTRACT your dream clients
  • Allow your TRUE PERSONALITY to shine through so that you’re putting your best (video) foot forward every time you hit that “record” button

Your Red Carpet Treatment includes

Your Red Carpet Questionnaire:

This questionnaire lets me know about your previous video experiences (good, bad AND ugly) so I can meet you exactly where you are. It also helps us get suuuuuper clear on what you’d like to achieve so we can make the most of our time together and ensure that you get the best results. It also gets you taking a video baby step.

Making amazing videos is all about taking it one baby step at a time. You’re saying a big ol’ yes to approaching your video journey the RIGHT way so that you feel EMPOWERED by the process.


Weekly Video Secrets Sessions:

In these 1-hour video coaching sessions (we’re on camera for these), we dive into ALL aspects of video creation to get you to your goal. We take these one baby step at a time, including topics such as:

  • Busting through your video fears so you can SHOW UP for your audience
  • Drastically improve your on-camera CONFIDENCE so you can stop hiding from your camera
  • Learn doable technical solutions so your VIDEOS LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL
  • Cultivating an empowering on-camera mindset so that you feel ALIVE + GENUINE in your videos
  • Speaking to the heart of your dream clients through video so they feel inspired by your content
  • Creating the right technical set up for your home
  • Lighting for YOUR face so that you Always Look Your Best
  • Content brainstorming so that you create + post powerful videos that IGNITE your audience
  • Strategically putting yourself out there so that you make the MOST out of your visibility
  • Video editing so that it drastically improves your footage and gets your audience to take ACTION
  • How to make money with your specific video content

Each week you get customized training AND strategy based on that week’s goals + your overall progression.

This hands-on approach helps you create videos in a way that feels fun and most importantly… ACHIEVABLE.

When each session ends you actually feel EXCITED to film your next video! You feel like video is no longer your enemy; it’s now your best friend in creating the biz + life of your dreams.

And you walk away from each session with your weekly actions + strategies.


Your Weekly Actions:

Here’s where you roll up your sleeves and Do The Work. Your actions are focused, transformative and are steps that contribute to not only your week’s goals but to your bigger, beautiful picture for your biz videos.

These actions are simple, achievable + fun and start getting you RESULTS IMMEDIATELY.

Cheerleading + Support:

As you work through your customized actions, you post in our very own secret Facebook group so I can cheer you on and answer any additional Qs that inevitably come up.

This is such an important part of the process for ya. It’s all about strengthening and reinforcing what you’re doing well, while moving you forward step-by-step.

During the early phase of your video journey, I build you up, so that you can start to embrace your on-camera potential. And then as you improve, you get that positivity from me PLUS loving + constructive feedback.


Flexibility of the Program:

Week-by-week, we make sure this process is working for you and make changes as needed.

And before you know it, you’re creating amazing + impactful videos for your biz.


Cherice created her first ever 3-part video series during the Video Mastermind (and it speaks to the heart of her dream clients).

And Breathe…


If you’re worried about getting it “right”, you can breathe a huuuuge sigh of relief.

I’m a firm believer that when you aren’t perfect, you’re MUCH MORE INTERESTING on camera.

With me as your guide, you learn how to embrace your imperfections and uncover your beautiful personality so that you can create RELATABLE, GENUINE and PROFESSIONAL videos.


Video isn’t a talent. It’s a skill.


Your investment:

12 weeks: $2997 USD

24 weeks: $5987 USD

36 weeks: $8977 USD

Got Qs about this training? Send me a line HERE.

Alright… it’s ACTION time!

Click that pretty Buy button below and let’s transform your videos forever.