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  • DAY 1 Learn How To Get Better On-Camera Even Though You’re Scared
  • DAY 2 Learn The Jedi Mindset Trick That Banishes Your Video Inner Critic

  • DAY 3 Learn The Number One Secret To Shining In Your Videos

  • DAY 4 Learn My House Party Technique That Makes Your Videos Fun To Film

  • DAY 5 Discover Why You Should Put Yourself Out There Through Video, Even Though You’re Suuuuper Scared

All this is important so you can BUILD your biz and create GENUINE connections with your dream clients.

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Getting past the FEAR of your CAMERA is an important first step towards making videos your dream clients will LOVE.

And this 5-day challenge walks you through my all-time fave fear busters!

All while having FUN in a SAFE environment.

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