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“Of course, uplift has its merits, and Sarah Michelle Brown’s
‘First Hand Woman,’… is said to soar.”

– New York Times, Andy Webster

Rave reviews from Happy Clients

“This lady is not just about how to rock your videos, but much of what she said to me helped me align my purpose, and brought tears to my eyes. (In a moving just-touched-the-ultimate-truth kind of way).”

Jennifer Hill


“Dreams come true! I got to speak with Sarah Michelle Brown this week!! Not only did she direct one of my favourite videos of all time, but she’s now working with people who want video advice. She was warm, encouraging, helpful and she’s very INSPIRING!!!! Check this lady out!!!”

Catriona Sturton

“I received such an insightful reflection of myself and what I want to create. And Sarah taught me how to direct that into my work so I truly can serve others. She was an amazing, insightful mirror.

I felt that she really “got” me and her reflection of what I am building crystallized several things for me. There were some great aha moments. I not only gained insights on better use of my equipment, I also got clear about my voice and my customer. I felt seen and heard and assured that my work has value!

She has given me confidence and clarity, and I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE MY NEXT VIDEO!”

Kristin Fritz


“You’re in for a treat, Sarah is a great coach and will see straight to the heart of things. I worked in film for years and it’s rare to find someone who can gently share the issues while making you feel supported… if anyone else is toying with trying this: do it! Sarah’s ace.”

Liz Scully


“I just had my call with Sarah, and…WOW…. So insightful, so encouraging! She had specific, easily actionable tips for the exact parts of video production that I’ve been struggling with. I’m a complete novice and even though she is a video pro with years of experience she made me feel great about where I’m at in the process and gave me tips that were just perfect for my level of experience. Whoo hoo, I’m ready to take on the next level of the video beast!”

Shana LaFore


“Thank you Sarah! You helped to inspire, motivate, and to show me it IS possible, to put my fears aside and go for it! You are my first choice for video expertise! “
Mikaela Love


“I talked to Sarah today and she made my day! She relayed such a beautiful description of a video she saw in her head after she read my quote on my about page that not only was I honored to hear her reaction but it made me want to hop up to Toronto to work with her… Thank you Sarah Michelle Brown.”

Silvia Bianco


Rave Reviews from the Arts World

“Music videos, when done well, are more than just a visual representation of a song, and become works of art that reinforce a message. Toronto rapper Shad’s new video Keep Shining, directed by Sarah Brown is an uplifting call for females to claim their voice, and we couldn’t agree more.”


“A jubilant celebration of the journey the spirit takes out of darkness. It’s a journey worth taking. It’s show worth catching.”

– Richard Hinojosa, NYtheatre.com

“Used up like a pair of jeans from the Salvation Army, second hand women feel they’re stuck playing second fiddle to everything.  However, the women of this production embody its title. They are first hand women and this is a first rate show.”

Richard Hinojosa | NYtheatre.com

“For the latest single off Shad’s great TSOL, director Sarah Michelle Brown decided to put the MC’s lyrics on full display in a different way. She chose not to go the route of, say, depicting his verses through a visual story, which definitely could have worked here. She also didn’t just through his words on the screen like some sort of karaoke performance. Rather, Brown dedicated the visuals to the women Shad’s rapping about throughout “Keep Shining.”


“First Hand Woman covers familiar territory, but through its unique approach makes an old story seem new.”
Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre Is Easy, NYC

“A woman is responsible for a lot of the beautiful things we see in the world, including this video.
Whenever I see film work by a female, they deliver in astounding fashion 98% of the time, men should take notes… I am…”

– artemusjenkins.com

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