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This affiliate program is being designed to make this process as fun + easy as possible for you.

If you have ANY specific requests, or if you have ANY Qs about whether or not you can take a particular action, send us a line HERE.

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– February 7, 2019 –

By signing up as an Affiliate Partner of Sarah Michelle Brown, and promoting the Create Your Awesome Homepage Extravaganza and/or On-Camera Bootcamp, you confirm that you’ve read the terms and conditions and agree to everything outlined below.



All Affiliates need to be at least 18 years of age.

We reserve the right to deny any applicant into the Affiliate Program. We base decisions on your site content or according to our assessment. If we deem that the applicant is not right for our Affiliate Program for any deduction, such as, damaging, aggressive, alarming, derogatory, injurious, lewd, sexually explicit harassment, or ethnically, racially, gender or sexual orientation-based discrimination, or otherwise distasteful.

These Terms + Conditions will NOT build any form of joint venture, franchise, sales representative, agency, partnership, or job collaboration among the parties.



We’ll do up to a few launches each year for our programs the On-Camera Bootcamp and/or the Create Your Awesome Homepage Video Extravaganza. More concrete info about this will be made known in 2019.

Each launch will have its own unique platform such as webinars, pop-up Facebook group challenges, mini-course, etc. The Facebook group would only be available while the launch is ACTUALLY happening. You’ll receive an invite to join any group elements of the launch program.

Sarah Michelle Brown will also be available, if you’d like to do a quick interview/mini-class/Q&A with her, specifically for your audience.



For any given sale to create a commission to an Affiliate, the client needs to finish the checkout form and submit their payment for the program. A heads up that commissions can only be paid out for completed payments that are done through your specific Affiliate links.

Each Affiliate will get thirty percent (30%) of a sale as a commission from either of Sarah’s programs (On-Camera Bootcamp / Create Your Awesome Homepage Video Extravaganza) done through your specific affiliate links. This amount will incorporate any deductions such as the cost of any administration charges, returns, chargebacks, Stripe/PayPal fees and taxes.

The On-Camera Bootcamp is currently available for $997 USD. Thus each affiliate commission (at full price) is $299.10.

The Create Your Awesome Homepage Video Extravaganza is currently available for $1,997 USD. Thus each affiliate commission (at full price) is $599.10.

NOTE: We may occasionally change the price of each program and offer special sales prices.

During our launches, both of these courses may include special sale prices or have a variety of payment plans. So affiliates will receive 30% of the price paid by the client.

Commission is not applicable for any other products, services, courses, events, coaching or masterminds offered by Sarah Michelle Brown.


Your affiliate sales will be done through a “last click” system (more on this in the FAQ section below).

We have a 14 day money back guarantee for On-Camera Bootcamp and  Create Your Awesome Homepage Video Extravaganza, and we pay you approximately 30 days after the doors close. So for a sale in our February 2019 launch, you’ll receive your money around April 8, 2019. That covers you and us for any refunds, defaults and chargebacks.

If they purchase the evergreen program, On-Camera Bootcamp, outside of launch times, you’ll receive your commission approximately 30 days after the purchase date.

We reserve the right to deduct, in subsequent months, any commission paid for a product or service that is subsequently returned or refunded, or for any reason where the previous monthly commission was overpaid or later subject to reduction.

Payments are made to your PayPal account in US Dollars and you are responsible for your own PayPal fees. Payments are sent to the PayPal address listed on your affiliate application. If you need to update the PayPal email associated with your account please send us a line HERE.



There is often an admin charge through Stripe/Payal. Affiliates do not get a commission on this.

Important: Your payments are calculated after the finance charge and HST (for Canadian clients) have been worked out.



Can I buy the program with my own link?

Nope. If you do this, you won’t be paid your commission fee.

What does the “last click” system mean?

The affiliate tracking system works on a “last referral” basis. You’ll get a commission if your specific affiliate link is the LAST link clicked through the purchase process.

Our own marketing links are set up so that they don’t register as the “last click.” This is so your link + tracking will count towards the purchase if you’re the latest affiliate referral.

You are not eligible for a commissions if a buyer later returns to the our site through another affiliate link or source when making their purchase.

You are not eligible for commissions based upon subsequent sales.

What if someone forgets to use my link – Can I still get paid my commission?

Nope. Your unique affiliate link must be used to sign up. We’ll only pay commissions that have been tracked through our affiliate system.

So make sure to be super clear about how your audience should sign up so you can earn your sweet, sweet commission.

What marketing can I do?

During the annual launch we will support you with marketing tips, ideas and promotional resources including graphics and interview opportunities.

We suggest that you market to your community through your own newsletter lists, social media channels and website. You are permitted to undertake paid advertising on social media during our launch periods however you must not target followers, likes or members of our programs or pages.

Please don’t spam people and follow good practice rules such as disclosing your affiliate relationship and offering opt-out/unsubscribe buttons.

What about customer non-payments?

If someone is in default, you’ll get paid when/if we do, unless it goes into collections. We do everything we can to collect outstanding payments but after a while it costs us too much to pay out full commission on collected outstanding payments.



We reserve the right to amend or update these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion or terminate this agreement and program at any time.


We reserve the right to reject or suspend your account, or ask you to stop marketing activities at any time. You will be paid for any applicable outstanding commission but you might not be able to promote in the future.

Our affiliate program is administered in line with the Terms of Sales and Privacy Policy as outlined on our website.

If you have additional Qs, simply send support a line, by clicking HERE.

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