Fun? What?

Yep, I said it.

I’m feeling a bit inspired by Cyndi Lauper this week. The song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun brings back such delightful memories.

It’s soooo important to have fun in your biz, and that absolutely includes while making videos. (Btw, there is a double dog dare in today’s video. Consider yourself warned)   😉

And… having some fun in your biz opens the door to discovery. (Tweet that).

Sometimes you’ve just gotta let go of all the scripting and the tech overwhelm so that you can just press record and have some on-camera fun.

Your clients will appreciate you for letting your hair down and showing more of who you are, without the bells and whistles.

And you’ll start to see that the camera can be a creative, fun tool if you allow it to be.

Check out what I mean below:

See? It is possible to have a good time on-camera.

I double dog dare you to press record, have fun for one minute, and to post the results below.

Don’t plan too hard or think too much.

Just choose something you love that will bring out feelings of delight and playfulness – my lightsaber always brings out my inner Jedi (nerd).

But maybe for you it’s dancing or jogging or cooking or singing or playing the harmonica. Maybe it’s simply being alive.

Choose something groovy, get your Fun on and press record.

Here’s a little Cyndi Lauper to quench your 80’s thirst:

I seriously can’t wait to see you have a lil fun on-camera!!!!

And as always…

Dream up,

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