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After an (embarrassingly) long hiatus, I’m bringing back my Express Yourself Series (for fab-preneurs), with a brand spanking new interview!!!!

You may know that expressing your best YOU is über, and I do mean über important to making your online videos.

This is true for your vids, and also for every freakin’ part of the amazing work you do.

For you today: This interview is fun AND so chock full of helpful info that I can’t wait to hear what your take-aways are.

Your guest today, is the super smart (and fabulous) Social Media expert and LinkedIn Evangelist, Karen Yankovich, and she’s going to whip your LinkedIn butt into shape. 
(If you don’t already know Karen, you’re in for a real treat)
I know, LinkedIn may not seem like the sexiest topic, right?

I hear ya.
I’ve felt soooo frustrated on LinkedIn, because it felt like it was a place to put my resumé, and to get pitched non-freakin-stop. So I’ve literally spent zero time over there.
Well, lemme tell you, our guest today has a fresh perspective on making the most of LinkedIn, and why it’s so important to be true to yourself, no matter what platform you’re using (video included).
And… Karen made me rethink my approach (and scepticism) towards LinkedIn. Booyah!
Check out the interview to snag her numero uno tip (plus lots of other goodies):
Okay, now it’s your turn to join the convo by rockin’ Karen’s assignment for ya.
Using Karen’s suggestions, paste your LinkedIn header text in the comments below, and Karen will rock her magic on it.
Oh yes, I’ll put mine there too (it could use some of her help – lol).
Where you can find Karen:
Say hi to her over at Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn: Karen’s handle = @karenyankovich
That’s all she wrote for today.
And as always…
Dream up,
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