Hey VideoStar!

You’ve seen big-dreaming entrepreneurs from around the world tapping into the power of video.

I mean, it’s EVERYWHERE now. And people are building mega-careers from putting themselves out there in this way.

But here’s the big Q:

Is video right for YOU and YOUR biz?

In today’s video, I break it down and encourage you to ask yourself some important Qs.

Click the Play button, enjoy 5 minutes of love and tips, and then leave a comment below to let me know if you think video is right for your biz (or not).

You may be seeing all these entrepreneurs out there in the world and they’ve got these amazing videos that they’re making – And you may be thinking to yourself, “hmmm…. is video right for my biz?”

Hey, this is Sarah Michelle Brown, your virtual video director here. And today I’m diving into that BIG question. So let me start by saying that I totally understand. I totally get that videos can feel like a really huge undertaking for your business.

And you may be asking yourself: “Is all this work and stress worth it?”

Well, that’s a big question to ask yourself.

Making videos definitely can feel overwhelming. You’ve got the technical stuff, you’ve got the “feeling self-conscious” thing, oh and your fear of being on camera and being seen.

And then there’s the haters.

Oh, my gosh, you might get some horrible comments from some horrible, awful, evil haters – those trolls out there on the Internet.

And you may be asking:

Do I really need to make videos for my business? Do I need to put myself into that position? And do I actually really, truly need to do this?

Well, the answer is no.

You don’t need to do it.

Now, you may think like, dude, Sarah, you’re a filmmaker AND a video coach for entrepreneurs. You’re supposed to say YES.

Well, I’m not going to say yes for every situation.

I think making videos and connecting with people in this very specific way is a really powerful tool for entrepreneurs who are READY for it.

If you want to build your biz in ways that really build genuine connections with your audience, then you definitely want to consider video as a possibility.

Video is a also great way to build your business in that it opens up the doors for possibility – so things that you can do with videos include:

  • Creating kick ass courses
  • Blog videos
  • Sales videos
  • Webinars
  • Live streaming adventures, etc., etc., the list goes on and on!


Video is definitely perceived as having higher value so you can charge more and make more moolah – which is always fun!

You’re putting a face and a voice to your brand.

Video shows your dream clients your behavior, personality and genuine mannerisms – all those things that you don’t get from a photo, a PDF sheet or website copy. Video gives people a really strong sense of who you are and what it’s like to work with you.

Videos are also really, really, really, really great way to show yourself as an influencer and put that context of “TV” around you.

Because even if it’s just a Facebook video, you still portray an image of “celebrity” a tiny bit –or a big bit – depends on the video.

Video truly does bring that little hint of celebrity into what you’re doing. So creating a bunch of videos for your business is a great way to be seen as someone who has an impact on their community.

But video may not be the right thing for you.

It’s up to you to figure out what your goals are with your business. And if it’s just the FEAR that’s holding you back, you need to Transform that fear.

It’s an extraordinary time we’re in right now where we can create our own marketing, our own commercials, our own videos. So now it’s up to you to take the bull by the horns and make this decision on whether you want to take the visibility leap or not.

There’s no pressure from me.

So you can make the choice of what’s right for your business.


Before you leave, I want you to leave a comment, because just having this knowledge without implementing it really doesn’t get you anywhere. It just won’t sink into your brain:

I want you to tell me why video is OR isn’t right for your business.

Don’t think too hard. Don’t sit back and contemplate the meaning of life on this. Just leave a quick comment below and just let me know what you think, Okie? Cool!

I can’t wait to read your thoughts!!

And as always…

Dream up,

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Sarah Michelle Brown
Your Virtual Video Director

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