Hey hey hey!

Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to your On-Camera Archetype!

This is a part of you that you naturally use in life and biz, and guess what? You can take a step to connecting with your tribe and discover your video super power.

Yep, it’s alllll about connection, serving your peeps and bringing out the BEST parts of YOU!

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Now, today’s mini lesson incorporates another mini lesson… posting even though it ain’t perfect.

Confession time: I had to deal with a quick family thing just before filming this, and took off my mic. I did my best to fix the audio, but, like I said… it ain’t perfect.

I debated about reshooting this puppy, but decided, meh, it’s a good secondary lesson for ya.

Before you check out today’s video, I want you to raise your hand and repeat after me:

“I promise, to be proactive. I will claim my fabulous archetype(s) by writing it in the comment below. I will also do my best, to know that nobody’s perfect, and mistakes can be a goldmine for learning. PS – I’m awesome.”

Did you do it? Great! Okay check out today’s video and tell me what YOUR archetype is!

Okay, I’ve got chills writing this! I wanna hear from YOU.

Leave a delightful comment and let me know what you learned today.  🙂

And as always…

Dream up,

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